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Night Sky

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How about the charts of famous Astrologers?

They don't even have to be famous, maybe just published.

Pick an astrologer... and then paste their chart up and give one thing that you like about them.

Night Sky

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My example here is Jeff Green.

He is mostly Scorpio, with a fair bit of Sagittarius/ + Jupiter.

His astrology digs into things, the deeper the better.



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Liz Greene, she synthesizes the whole chart, and I could read her books over and over and still find new insights. The master of psychology Astrology, a lot of her ideas get taken out of context on forums, and she has been heavily criticised. I find she has contributed a lot to astrology and taken us out of the medieval times.


Night Sky

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She seems to have much in common with Mr Jeff Green.

Both in their birth charts and in their names.:)

Both Scorpio rising, with Saturn and Pluto in Leo in the 9th...


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On a side note, I've been on the astro site with that type of chart and I like it alot since it's alot more visual then Astro's. But Astro's is far easier for me to read. I guess in other words, I like the colors ^^.
Hi Night Sky,

The charts are quite similar Scorpio likes to get to the root of the matter, and these two particular astrologers do take a psychological approach. I used to go back and forth from Jeff Greens book, mainly because some of things he would say would seem unbelievable. The Pluto book he has written I do refer to a lot, very insightful but at first I wasn't sure about him. Yet his readings do seem accurate. I have the two volumes of his Pluto books the first natal pluto and aspects, the 2nd book is on Pluto in relationships. Very interesting books, and complicated delineations of the nodes which are difficult to comprehend. If I have his books I am compelled to read all his work. The 2nd evolutionary book of his is quite expensive on Evolutionary astrology difficult to get a good price but maybe I need to look around some more. I am after the Howard Sasportas book on direction and destiny in the birth chart. I think it has just come back into print as I saved it in Amazon and there were never any copies but now you can but it new. I could talk about books all day, and there is still a few I need to collect. I also want the the CD workshop on Pluto by Liz Greene, it's a recording of her Pluto lecture. The Astrology and fate book didn't go into Pluto readings too much.

I have my list ready for christmas :p .

Sag Moon

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One astrologer who never gave their chart info was "Betty Lundsted" who worked as a researcher and was respected by her fellow astrologers.She never got the fame she deserved due to the fact she never wanted fame as I do not,but her insight was very good.

Her work into transits and psychological astrology was great and if anyone does know her chart I would appreciate the info.

Her husband is a oublisher based in York,ME. and if you have a collection of astro books chances are you have books published by her husbands company.

Betty Lundsfed-DO you have any info on her?