Case study: Difficult chart makes beautiful person


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For everyone who regards their squares and oppositions with trepidation, I'd like to post this chart, my older sister. Just looking at it gives me an overwhelming sense of pride :) . She is one of the purest, bravest, kindest and most fearlessly human people I have known.

This is how her life has been:

She was excellent at school, but painfully shy and reclusive; always duxed the class. At home, she'd lay on her bed and (this is odd, but true) bounce tweezers off the wall and ceiling, while telling herself fantastical fantasy stories. She wrote poetry from a young age. When she was 17, my parents moved to Australia with their family (three existing children, I was not yet a twinkle in my parent's eyes)

My sister didn't make the transition well. While my brothers adapted quickly, she was targeted for being awkward, shy and too smart. Kids used to throw her bag out of the classroom. One day she came early and laced the straps of the bag to the desk. Upon discovering this, her classmates threw her out instead. She was no longer top of the class, and distraught by the loss of her only perceived purpose. She has told me that she spent her childhood feeling alien; an imposter in a human body, just waiting for people to notice. She started hiding in cupboards and escaping school. I only have the story second-hand, but I can summarise it by saying that she got smaller and smaller, more internalised and less responsive, until she moved into her bedroom and wouldn't come out, wouldn't talk, wouldn't do a thing.

She spent years in psychiatric care instead of school, refusing most psyciatrists until one earned her trust. He confided in her just a little, offering something warm instead of endless personal questions from an impersonal stance. She still speaks to him today. My sister met her husband-to-be in psychiatric hospital. I was flower girl at their wedding. They spent ten years together working on farms, crayboats, and living in caravans. They had two sons. My sister's first child (my oldest nephew) was an unusual and exceptionally difficult baby. She still carries the burden of feeling, and being seen as, a failed mother.

Her marriage broke when my sister started studying again, aged thirty. It was the step that brought her into her full capabilites as an independent adult. Naturally, she earned exceptional marks, and a scholarship for doctoral study. She's now a microbiologist. Her ex-husband has custody of their two sons, and she pays maintenance money. Their divorce was frightening, and instigated a series of twistes phonecalls from her ex-husband. I remember being on the phone with clamped, sick fear in my stomach and not knowing what to say, being stunned by the venom from my ex-brother-in-law. He threatened suicide, he went missing, even now I'm sure I don't know the full extent of what he did.

Eventually, she met the man she is now married to. They are both shy, and met through personal ads :) They are the ultimate taurus couple :D So funny, they eat out at the same restaurants on the same days each week. Their wedding poems (they each wrote one) were delightful, only those two could write about how lovely it is that someone is there to warm up their bath towel in the drier before they get out the shower :rolleyes:

So, my sister is happy. She's faced depression, shyness, alcaholism, suicidal attempts, difficult child-raising, abuse, divorce, and she had the courage to build something new that could make her happy. What I love most about her is that she can speak about what is most painful, and is brave enough to face it fully. She does the best she can for her children, and they have a strong, if unconventional, relationship. She's only ever spoken with compassion for her ex-husband. I could tell my sister anything without shame, because she has dealt with her own. I trust no-one more, and could not feel more proud.

Hope you don't mind the lack of astrological analysis, I didn't want to spoil the story with talk of sqaures and oppositions :p I also feel that most of this story can be seen quite readily in her chart. Perhaps I'll post again soon with a chart analysis ;)
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Thank you for sharing the story Howl your sister is a really beautiful person. I bet your sister is proud of you too. This story proves how we can overcome our difficulties and start life all over again. Each day is new, we can learn from the past but we have to live in today. We all have talents and gifts we can share with the world. I lack a lot of confidence in myself like your sister. I never really believed I had much to offer anyone.

I am in the process of changing all this it is time I stop worrying about what other people think and hiding myself away afraid to get hurt. I am wasting the life I have been given. We are all unique and every one has strengths and gifts. An inspiring story thanks for sharing.

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Wow, I've just noticed something. My sister's North Node is dead conjunct my own. Does the nodal axis move around the zodiac about once every eighteen years?


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Good to hear that your sister is doing well :)

Yes squares are character-builders. Squares (and opps to a certain extent) makes people get over their challenge with a bit of strength and initiative. I am sure all the unfortunate stuff that has happened to your sister has strengthened her a lot. You can always see it when you see a "square" person. Grand trine people (no offence to those who have it), seem to me to be floating around vacantly but when push comes to shove, they can't cope.

Also being a Taurean and having fixed planets would have given her a lot staying power.

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Thank you of this story, Howl. It's very moving and inspiring. I can see a lot of correlation between her chart and her story, but I would hate to distract from the impact of your story by dry, impersonal dissection of her chart. :p

Many good and great people, famous or not, have difficult charts. There's different kinds of goodness. One, like that of children and animals, that is simple and inherent. The other comes from living, learning, facing the hard blows and the ugliness of this world and still retaining one's integrity, strength and faith. That's a goodness that's been tested and proven its worth. I find a lot consolation in knowing that: I have a very difficult chart myself (I've got a t-sqaure with Sun/Mercury apex and a Pisces moon too, among a few other things) and I actually have many experiences similar or paralleled to your sister. I mean, to the point it almost felt like I was reading my own story. I once made a psychotherapist cry after telling her some of things I've gone through - she described my life as a "horror story" and was amazed I had survived and gotten so far with so little help. Sometimes I don't know how I've survive myself either. Anyhow, not to dwell on me.

Your sister sounds like an incredible person, and it's wonderful you can share your blessing of having her in your life with others!

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I do not wish to distract from your sister's story, so I will not share my own personal life experience. Let me just say that I was absolutely still and speechless as I read your post. Lunar Pisces echoed my thoughts:

it almost felt like I was reading my own story

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