Case Lorenzo González-Murdered child-what can astrology tell us about this case?


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Case is getting noticed in the media again: opportunity to bring up negligence charges against the mother is about to expire in the spring of 2015. Sad indeed.


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I would like to know, based on astrology charts of this tragic event, what can be known about the circumstances of this child's death.

8-year-old Lorenzo González Cacho was found dead in his bed by his mother, Ana Cacho González, 34, in their upscale gated community of Dorado del Mar on March 9, 2010.

The boy suffered heavy blows to his face and head when he fell from his bed, but forensic tests showed he died of blows from a blunt object.

Police found no signs of forced entry at the crime scene; they found traces of crack cocaine in the house.

Authorities also concluded that the crime scene was tampered with....

Some theories said that 2 men or at least one of them (the men: an FBI agent and an engineer) could had been at the house around 1:00am with the mother.

It is said that around 4:00am the youngest of the daughters, who was sleeping next to the boy, goes to her mother to tell her that his brother was "wet"... (it was blood).

The family of the mother have connections to high power circles in Puerto Rico...

Many people think that, either this child was killed in a rage or drug fit, because he saw something he should not, or that the mother left the kids alone and maybe the 13 year old did it.
Hi Prisma,

I'm interested in studying forensic astrology, and have recently been asking to open a sub-forum to discuss cases just like these.

Looking at the event chart from 4am, which IMO is the event chart of first choice - because it was when Lorenzo officially was 1st identified in trouble, when his alarmed sister told her mother he was 'wet' from blood:

Firstly, we see an early ASC Aquarius rising representing the subject Lorenzo and indicating that the situation is recent. The Capricorn 12th has the chart co-ruler Moon conjunct Pluto in 12th, and Saturn in 8th. Once a subject has died in forensic astrology, Saturn automatically becomes the chart ruler. The early Aqua ASC indicates that the situation is too early to predict but and from the information in this event chart, it is clear that Lorenzo was either already dead, or in the throws of death.

Mars (rules the Aries 3rd relatives, siblings, neighbours) is conjunct Leo DC 7th cusp indicating that an attack had just occured on the subject. The 7th house describes the perpertrator, and the 2nd Pisces Sun rules the 7th house....The Sun decribes men with influence, athletic, high ranking, elected or appointed officers, etc.

The Pisces 2nd house rules belongings & planets in 2nd determine what type of belongings, or what role money plays here? Pisces, drugs? Jupiter indicates wardrobes, Mercury mobile phones, and Venus money.

Perhaps, Lorenzo witnessed one of the male visitors (FBI officer?) taking drug money. The officer reacted suddenly, abruptly (reflexes maybe Uranus conj Sun) and hit the boy. The wounds to his head indicate an L-shaped blunt object because his nose and temple were hit, perhaps a gun shaped object....?


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Although no charges have been filed, the Puerto Rico Department of Justice had identified four persons considered suspects in the death of González Cacho. However, on March 9, 2015, on the 5th year anniversary of the murder, the Puerto Rico Department of Justice announced that all four were no longer suspects.[6]ález_Cacho

Ray Austin, after all this time, seems to have had one thing right:
...I don’t expect anything to come to light...
God will see to this...
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-They are going to charge for the crime a one arm-poor man who previously have been declared incompetent by reason of insanity.

-General public opinion believes that it is a travesty, a manipulation of the legal system, with the purpose of declaring him again mentally unfit and close the case, and not making further investigations. Also to distract the attention of people from the ever more grim economic situation of the Island.


Case is getting noticed in the media again: opportunity to bring up negligence charges against the mother is about to expire in the spring of 2015. Sad indeed.

Hello Prisma -

Can you suggest which of the 4 charts is the chart of the time of death by autopsy for Lorenzo? I I want to look at it as 1st house.

I am interested in that - and the progression of moon as well, its passing.

I expect that such chart, if mom was responsible, would reflect 12th house moony-ness with any planetary placement and relations showing what and how and whom, if anyone, she is hiding or what was going on in 12th house of autopsy chart leading up to boy's death.

If there is a man involved and being protected - I would hope to see it coming out in autopsy chart with moon opposition.

Time expiring - Mercury involved. Perhaps a degree of current aspect influencing a Merc retro at time of death?

"Is mom hiding something?" charts usually show up with lunar conditions to 12th house of autopsy, if I'm not mistaken. I have read similar with Jean Benet Ramsey (I might be mistaking her for another - Casey Anthony or Diane Downs - same distinguishments, though)