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I am confused weather I should go abroad or try for government jobs in India.

I am afraid because:
a. 12th lord in 11 in lagna chart (loss in foreign land)
b. No indication of job abroad in D10
c. No good prospects in D4 (except 12th lord in 12th house)


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I would read it differently. 12th lord in 11th means gains from far away places (or thru secret channels). However, 11th lord in 12th could mean loss in foreign lands.

(using Yukteswar Ayanamsa) Your 12th lord (Saturn), your 10th lord (Mars) and your 4th and 9th lord (Venus) and also Lagnesh (Saturn) are all located in the 12th! In the Chandra Lagna chart your 4th is in Pisces and 4th lord Jupiter in 7th which indicates permanent settlement abroad again. Same from Arudha Lagna, Moon is in Sagittarius and Jupiter in 7th. So there's no doubt that you would do well living, working and studying abroad.
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One more thing,
[FONT=&quot]Rahu is yogi and Venus is avayogi and they are placed in conjunction in 12th house with exalted mars.
How will this affect the results of 12th house? Is venus going to destroy the foreign yog.[/FONT]
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)][FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Venus is also yoga karaka. Is venus going to be beneficial or not?

[/FONT]there is no planet in the venus nakshatra, that is a relief.
lagna is in rahu, that is good, I hope.

I have received admission from german university, I went there on April 19th and didn't feel good there and came back on 25th april. Since then I am not able to decide weather I should go or not( I still have the visa). To tell you the truth, whenever I decide to go and turn on the laptop for ticket booking my hands start shaking and I get caught up in some unknown fear, and cannot book the flight ticket. Then I would say I will book the ticket tomorrow, I feel very happy at that moment about going there and all but the same thing repeats the next day. I am not able to find out the reason for the fear.

Thank You


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Your profile has to be linked with foreign lands, according to D-1, and D-10 too.
Mars profession lord in exalted sign and in foreign lands, Saturn lord of foreign lands in the house of gains, exchanging aspect with Jupiter lord of gains from the house of education.
Situation is clear that your profession has to be connected with foreign lands.
D-10 is also indicating that foreign house lord is exalted in 10th house.


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What about 12 lord in 11th in Rashi chart?
venus avayogi in 12th house in rashi chart with yogi rahu.
How are they going to affect the matters related to 12th house?