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Hi guys, :joyful:

I'm looking for career suggestions based on my chart.
I'll also put in my progressed chart, just in case.

When I was young, I wanted to be an animator, but my father didn't support it and as years went on, I realized that I never put full commitment or good structure or planning into my drawings. I never paid much attention to detail and I usually never finished my drawings. I lost passion in drawing and all interests years ago, but very recently, I have come back to drawing.

For the past few weeks, I got this sudden feeling that I needed to start planning and structuring my life, specifically what I wanted to do. And out of nowhere, drawing came back as an interest, and it is currently the only thing that I'm close to being passionate about.

I've actually started watching tutorials online and learning how to make guidelines for a drawing rather than just dive right into drawing, which was my mistake in the past, creating a lot of bad proportions in bodies and such. I was reaaally lazy. I thought as long as I have a window, it doesn't matter if the lines aren't that straight.

Also, my father has become more lenient, so I think I have a chance to pursue animation...
But I'm starting to wonder if drawing and animation is just a hobby rather than a career choice?
Do I have aspects that would make me a good animator? I have lots of ideas, but I have trouble getting them out there. I think it's because of the lack of fire signs in my chart?

I always wanted a career that I can be truly passionate about and I would love to hear suggestions based on my chart, so I could contemplate on them.

Also, about my North Node, which is Scorpio in 9th House. Can my North Node point to a career direction? I think with Pluto conjunct my NN, it's mandatory that I am absolutely passionate about what I want or else it'll be taken away.

And then there's Pluto conjunct Midheaven. I read somewhere that when you're not on the right path, certain things happen that get you off it and I have had a few jobs in which I just couldn't continue with them. I even chose graphic design major in college without true interest and lots of things happened and I couldn't get my degree.

Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Thank you for reading.


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