Career suggestions based on my chart


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Thank you.
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Oh dear god, I'm sorry. I see it now.. ****, what was I actually looking at? xD sorry about that. I'll tell you what I think of it tomorrow, lots of guests over.. unless one of the experts helps you out with it. Sorry about that. :p


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Your 6th house (of career) is in Cancer, so any sort of 'Cancerian' career would be very fulfilling and fitting for you! Cancer careers are; caretaking, nursing, food-industries (chefs/bakers/restaurants/food manufacturing/etc), anything to do with a home (building homes, etc), or even home-based businesses.

Cancer's ruler is the Moon, and thats in your 10th house (of status). This is GREAT for a career that puts you in the public! Not necessarily fame/public, but anything that gets you in contact with the general populations is favored. (nursing, restaurants, businesses in general are favored with this again)

Your 10th house of status, is Sagittarius cusp, which means you could work with foreigners. Or with travel. Or with philosophical / religious areas.

Uranus is in your 10th, suggesting an 'odd', intelligent or different sort of reputation you may get from your career. It rules electronics, the internet, friends, science, humanitarian issues, etc.

Saturn in your 10th could indicate that you may achieve 'adept' or owner/boss/executive status in your chosen career.

And last, but not least, your 2nd house (of money) is Aries cusp. This is wonderful for owning your own business! Aries is leadership, fiery and direct. You know how to make money independently, so you would be excellent in a self-employed setting.. or in ownership of your own business in whichever field you feel most drawn into.


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As you have not given us any of your interests that has probably limited the responses. They necessarily have to be rather general. My delineation will be based on the whole sign chart.

The chief significators of occupations are Mercury, Venus and Mars. It is very helpful to find one of these planets in an angular house. You do not have an angular significator. Without this horoscopic indication it is difficult to predict a career.

Mars rules your 10th house Scorpio. Pluto its higher counterpart is there which may be helpful. But Mars itself is retrograde in the 3rd house and this is a malefic condition. However, it does have essential dignity, but this is secondary to its horoscopic position. It suggests that you could work for a manufacturing company or a bakery.

Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception and both have their own essential dignity of term. They both have aspects from Jupiter from the right. Mercury is in the fortunate 9th house; Venus has strength in the 8th house but we are uncertain what it will do there. Venus is unafflicted.

Possibilities are suggested by the 9th-3rd house axis. These include clerk, accountant, translator, transportation, teacher or even astrologer. Venus is actually stronger than Mars which is actually backing out of its sign. So you may even find an occupation that you really like.

I calculated the position of the Lot of Fortune in the third house. It is weak there so fate is not dragging you to some destiny. Lot of Spirit is in the 11th house much stronger and indicates that you really can choose what you want to do, but keep these suggestions in mind.

(Whole sign houses and Egyptian dignities)

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You should look at your 11th house for your career because that's where your MC falls. Your planets do not indicate a Cancerian type in the least, so don't do that at all. You'll probably want a social/political kind of job with that 11th house MC axis and most planets in Libra and Sagittarius. Your Saturn is exactly conjunct your Uranus, and those are sort of opposite energies, so be aware.


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teacher, traveller, author, working abroad, politics, guide, pilot, philosopher, presenter, psychotherapist, something where in you can help others.
Am I too superficial?


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Somewhere where you can educate the public about harmony and respect!!! And where you can earn it as well! You are here to uphold courtesy between us in some way as a vocational pursuit. You do this through your somewhat bare-bones approach to common sense thoughtfulness of others. You're here to also learn beyond your own codes of ethics and belief systems and to learn about OTHER cultures as well. So, yes, travel abroad a few times... get yourself studyin' another language as well, so you can appreciate the perspectives of another world outside your own. If you were already born into a bi- or tri-lingual family, ... that wouldn't surprise me! LOL

The challenge in your work is overcoming a misguided perception that your way of living and your approach is the only approach the world adopt. Once this is overcome, then the challenge becomes breaking that mentality in everyone else around you! You're here to break misconceptions, is basically what I'm saying.

So,... you can do any job... and it is a stepping stone towards the next. Nothing is necessarily in vain - it is only preparation for the next chapter. Remain close-minded and misinterpret your world based on your OWN ideals and codes of morality, and you'll... well... probably be sadly proven wrong later in life and left behind by your community.