Career of not giving


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Hi all,

Is it possible to have a career where you are not a 'giver' and are more receptive?

I've always been a giver and i gotta say im at the point now (probably progressed sun conjunct asc) where i just cant keep giving anymore. I dont have it in me anymore. I'm all given out. The give in me is used up. Nothing left. Dried up. I associate this with my natal sun (10th ruler) in 12th house as well as asc ruler pluto in 12th house. Right now there is a huge surge of energy coming into being selfish as a form of healing from constantly attracting narcissists (also related to libra 12th house). Most ppl wouldnt agree with this but they dont understand. I need a job where i can feel recognised and acknowledged for my achievements without me always having to give give give. Please give me some ideas.