Career Issues and Unemployed

Hello astrologers,

DOB: 29-5-1995
TOB: 6 32 AM
POB: Mumbai

Happy New Year!

I have been having a troublesome start to my career since the start of the pandemic and I have been unemployed for a while. After over a year of rejections, there was a reversal in luck and I started getting a couple of interviews from September onwards.

However, this was only short-lived as either I have been rejected or put on hold and my last interview was in end of November. Since then, everything has returned back to where it was. My final interviews have been stalled for a few weeks and I have received no other offers from anywhere else for over a month.

I am losing my motivation and I find it hard keeping up with this rollercoaster ride. I have a Bachelors in Engineering and a Masters in Management and I am now, contemplating starting another Masters but even that is not possible until August/September of this year. That leaves 8 months in between but I am feeling extremely disappointed and low because I had my hopes high for sometime but it's all come crushing down.

When will I get a job or when will my career get into the first gear?

Thank you.


Hello Dear,

Since the outbreak of pandemic, across the globe the job situation is not that great and most of them are going through the same emotions which you are experiencing. Having said this, to get a new job, houses 2nd,6th,10th,11th should appear in Dasha/Bhukti/Antara scheme. If we see your horoscope then

a) Your Current Mahadasalord is Rahu. Rahu is in Libra. Venus is in 12th. This indicates that you should try for multinational companies. Rahu's sublord Jupiter is in jyestha nakahtra. Mercury is in 2nd house(self earnings)

b) Your Bhukti(interlocking period of rahu) is of Mercury. Mercury is in mrigasira nakshatra wherein mars the nakshatralord is aspecting the 10th cusp(house of career). Mercury's sublord Mars is in Magha nakshatra. Ketu is in 11th house(gains).

c) In Mercury Bhukti, Rahu Anatardasha is going on, followed by Jupiter and Lastly Saturn. Rahu and Jupiter are both does not signify 6th house. Only Saturn Signifies 6th house. Hence During Saturn Anatardasha you should get job opportunties. This Period is between Aug 2022 to Jan 2023

d) Mostly Likely End period of Dec 2022 job opportunity would come. Do not get demotivated, keep on trying. As a remedy you may want to consider worshipping lord shiva on mondays, regularly chant mahamritunajay mantra, on your birthday if possible do rudra abhishek pooja.

Good luck and all the best.