career in music - impossible or possible...


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Re: open to a fresh interpretation!

You have nice relationship houses

7th H cusp (house of relationships and marriage) is in Libra (its natural ruler)
Ruled by your Venus which is in 5th H (house of romance, flirt, casual sex, fun, creativity and children)

Pluto in 8th H (its natural house, house of intimacy).

Your Venus opposite Uranus is too wide imo (unless they're parallel) to be a problem.

You have my personal favorite Moon in Scorpio. gives beautiful penetrating eyes full of depth, great intuition, intense deep feelings.

Its square to Neptune may be a little bit confusing to your Moon though. Neptune brings delusion, confusion, disappointment when in hard aspects

Your Mars in Capricorn is my favorite one too.
Mars in Cap is practical and it will achieve whatever it wants to do.

I don't see any major problems when it comes to relationships on the contrary it's seems to be a nice one (I'm not familiar with all your placements so for some I rely on logic and the theory I know).

Now when it comes to money

I don't like it as much tbh.

Saturn in 2nd H brings poverty/fear of poverty due to lack of money/material when younger..
the native works hard just to get by gives
low self esteem but it gets better with age as most things with Saturn.

Neptune and Uranus in 10th indicate a carrier Neptunian (artistic filming, singing, gardening, drawing etc) and/or Uranian (technology, astrology, electicity etc). Both Neptune and Uranus are idealistic planets. Neptune brings confusion in carrier, you may not know what to choose or how to start/materialize. Uranus doesn't help with stabillity, maybe your work isn't a classic 9-5 work it allows more freedom.

Neptune in 10th H might also indicate fame that might come suddenly (Uranus).
However I kind of doubt it since Saturn rules your 10th H and it's also in your 2nd H of income.

I would like you to be here when T. Saturn and way later T.Pluto will conjunct your Neptune and Uranus in your 10th H.

I'm familiar with very few placements of your chart and I'm interested to learn how Saturn in 2nd H and your Uranus and Neptune in 10th H work.

I get good vibes from your chart.
You have a good Moon, Mercury and a strong Mars.


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Re: open to a fresh interpretation!

hope enables take stock and adapt and integrate as relevant

Asc lord mars elevated cap 9th for distant lands, technical aptitudes,
spirituality through service of mankind, methodical n disciplined, event management etc;

Mars with ketu separative SNode, detachment from father, distant lands,
pain-injury-surgery thigh-knee inflammations; mining-drilling etc;
ketu settling life at 48+ beginning at 28+ with elevated mars;

Sat-ketu now 1.5yr transit mars-ketu cap 9th,
jup-sat opp misjudgments-missed opportunities to avoid;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers at alter at home sat evenings;

9th lord jup elevated sensitive cancer 3rd with rahu NNode,
acting-singing-directorship skills; rise-fall in life,
prayers for ancestors, observe fast No-moon evenings;
observe death anniversaries religiously;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;
rahu now transit natal rahu cancer;
jup-rahu prone to toxic health issues chest-lungs-liver etc;

elevated jup opp elevated mars, debilated aspects over each other,
elevations cancelled; not effective;

jup-mars opp, aptitude for project management;

moon debilated scorpio 7th,
research-occult-forensic psychology aptitudes;
lord mars elevated, debilation of moon cancelled,
gradual improvements;
wear white pearl over silver pendant touching heart;

moon elevated aspect taurus first, moony good looks;

2/7 lord venus leo 5th, vain,
artistic aptitudes, teaching-directing arts, etc; gains from spouse;
venus late deg leo and weak,
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

Sun virgo 6th, critical thinking, good for audit-quality management roles;
extra efforts towards luck-edu; influencing through power of personality;

Mer libra 6th, lawyerly-argumentative aptitudes;

Acq 11th inimical-malefic for aries asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships

sat lord 10/11 for career-income over 2nd gemini,
aptitude for information technology,
traditional instrumental music, earnings in distant lands;

jup now transit sag 8th opp sat,
misjudgments-missed opportunities to care;

do promptly ack, share how true-insightful,
traits-talents-health-remedies-ideas to pick, etc

wishing well, kshantaram


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hope members realise the effort that goes into a reading investing lot of time for a single reading,

at times do not even acknowledge,
at times merely say thank you,
at times merely raise more queries without any feedback,
at times disappear,
at times say do not understand anything,
at times lost in own thoughts and own knowledge of astrology
re-emphasizing on their own point of view not ready to look at alternate views,
not realising the suggestions made and remedies
and other value adding aspects of the chart,
not examining the feedback derived from the charts
not discussing how true or untrue, any idea to pick etc etc.

while ask for blank readings not sharing anything about themselves,
family background, qualifications, profession, interests etc,
their own ideas and plans and what guidance is exactly sought!
And then ignoring the reading effort, valuing details thereof.

Asking queries already covered in detail by the reading,
not reading patiently, making a connect, making meaning of the inputs provided,
adapting and integrating the same as relevant.

best wishes and regards,

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