Career future?


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My career have stuck to bad job with small salary,when will have change to a better job which will enjoy more??

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As i said earlier this sun dasa is not good for you . that too sat bukti is not good . sat spoils the house where he sees he sees 6th house of illness disputes punishments 10th house of career ( no need to say !) lastly asc health . so you will have problems in these areas if its not sat bukti things wouldn't have gone this much worst its all stood against you . strong karmic log just wait patiently til sat bukti then next mercury bukti takes you after a big hit there comes a reward its law of nature no happiness sufferings is permanent everything has to end . so dont get elated when in happiness and dont go down when in sad . after 2022 mid indeed you see good change and please dont ask and again no matter how much time you ask saturn bukti must go . only after that you get a way .. till then do prayers and improve profession related knowledge and skill . everyone life is suffering nobody life is good here . even most billionaire has huge set of problems to deal with . .