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Hi, what career would you suggest for someone with the following in their chart:

Planets in or aspecting planets in 10th house
Sun/Mars/Mercury conjunct in Aquarius the 10th house
Mercury conjunct Capricorn MC
Mercury exactly (and Mars and Sun) opposite Jupiter in Leo
Jupiter in the 4th conjunct Cancer IC

Saturn in Virgo/5th OPPOSITE Moon in Pisces/11th SQUARE Neptune in Sag/7th

Planets in the 6th house:
Uranus in Scorpio trine Moon
Pluto in Libra sextile Neptune conj Venus in Sag/ 7th

Specific careers as they relate to my chart would be helpful. Please no teaching middle school or high school...been there done that...its more physical and emotional stress than fulfillment most other teachers claim to believe. Teachers get no respect...students and parents are ungrateful...ive encountered ppl who think we should be volunteering our services. how can anyone make a living off of teaching like this? I want out!

Im a bit fickle and scared to stay in one career...Mercury and Jupiter aspecting MC.



Hi StarNur,

It's good to "see" you again!

I'd say that the focus here should be on that Mercury, which is the planet making the closest (in orb) aspect to the MC. Also note that said Mercury is in mutual exchange with Saturn, which is in the 5th house (and intercepted in Virgo).

Mercury rules the all-important 1st house (self, life mission from the esoteric viewpoint), the 2nd house (personal values), and 5th (talents). Saturn rules the 9th (personal philosophy of life), the 10th (worldly aspirations, status), and the 11th (public service). This is a lot of areas of life that seem to want to be a part of your career!

Perhaps you might consider focusing on broader areas of activity, instead of trying to find one specific thing or job title to suit you. Chances are, you will have more than one "career" in life, anyway, judging from your chart as a whole. Uranus and Pluto in the 6th are not likely to allow you to stay put in just one occupation; they will demand change, as you grow in consciousness.

Possible career areas are law (here moreso along the lines of advocacy for the disadvantaged), public service, social work, higher education (something related to technology and/or history), or international relations. You don't sound too keen on teaching anymore, but Jupiter's aspect onto Mercury might steer you in the general direction of being some sort of advisor. Writing could easily be an important part of your career as well (Saturn-Mercury combination). Also, the presence of the Sun in the 10th, with Capricorn on the MC is suggesting to me that whatever you do, you would want to be "in charge" or come to be an expert in your field.

Your Vedic chart has similar indications as I've described above, with consciousness-raising, public service, and law (political or spiritual) strongly figuring in the picture.

I hope this is helpful...


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HI Shanda!

So nice to see that you're still around! How are things with you?

Thanks so much for sharing your astrological expertise!! Yes it is very helpful..and very motivational actually...I was feeling a bit confused and hopeless at the time.

Yes I feel that I will be involved in many more than one career. Ive also seen advisor pop up on a few career quizzes that ive taken in the past. Ive been contemplating going back to school once my current student debts are settled...Jupiter will be in my 9th next year..hmmm, so who knows!?!?

Interesting blog BTW!
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