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What do you think I should pursue as a career in my life? (Acc. to my chart)
please elaborate if you can.

Thank You

Note: this chart is not pulled up today. Do I need a new chart every time I ask a question?
[only for horary charts, which you would post in the Horary Forum with a chart for the time you asked the question - since your charts are natal (not horary) charts, I have put them in the Read My Chart Forum - Moderator]

Dob: 20.03.1990 Time: 5-30 AM
Place: Hansi, Haryana (latitude 29:6 N longitude 76:1 E)


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Can you say what you are doing now and what is your education? Apparently you are not happy with your current choice. This doesn't surprise me with the ruler of your MC (career house cusp) opposite your moon (emotional nature) and square your sun (sense of identity.) But sometimes it is better to move laterally into a related field or new employer than it is to completely start over.


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I completed my engineering(electrical) degree in 2013. Since then I am at home. I never tried to find any job, I thought there is no hurry to work right now. Then I wanted to do my masters in Germany, so I started my preparations for that( took some exams and applied to several varsities). I went to Germany in April 2016 but came back shortly because I felt home sick and could not stop crying. Now I'm thinking weather I should go back( I can go till 16.10.2016). I really like my line of work i.e Computer Science. Will I get job in Germany after studies?


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All those planets in Aquarius and Capricorn look good for electrical engineering.

With your moon and ruler of your 4th house involved in a T-square with Jupiter, the ruler of your 10th house of career, I don't think there is an easy answer to your "stay or go" questions. Whatever choice you made, you would probably feel pulled in the opposite direction. Given your extreme reaction to studying in Germany, however, maybe you would be happier within a more familiar setting.


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RaRohini said:
Firstly whatever i have written, does it apply to you? Is it correct? If so, then computer science is good. Let me check on the money part. Germany is protected by Sravana energy especially Stuttgart.So Germany is good. But initially you will feel lost .
Till 2018, it is sun Dasha. So there may be loss of confidence and a feeling of confusion and loss. But Sravana energy will protect you. After 2018, you may regain your self confidence and surge ahead.

Shall I go to germany or not?
One more thing if you may, How are my chances of finding a government job in India?


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You have to live away from home. It will be better to adjust your nature and move ahead. Sun Mahadasha is indicating that lord of education is combut (total), just 55 mins ahead of Sun.
Your profile has to be linked with foreign lands, so no chance for government Job. But for getting a job or earn finance and reputation - you have to work, otherwise dashas will not be able to help you.


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So, you mean I should go to germany right away?

I know a little bit about vedic astrology.
There is house parivartan between 2nd and 5th house(the wealth houses) but there will never be mahadasha of any of these two planets. So it means it will not be beneficial for me.
venus is very auspicious due to its lordship but at the same time it is avayogi also, How will venus behave ? Please explain the 12th house in general for me and with respect to venus?
Please tell me about my career. One astrologer told me that I will get job only after 2018
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