Career and Finance aspects in my chart


First of all, I would like to thank anyone who will read and answer on my thread.

I am really curious when it comes to astrology.
I have read a lot and researched.
I have consulted a professional astrologist and would do it again if I found someone who is competent. Until when I would like to hear your interpretation of my chart.

Topic that interest me the most are finance and career but I would also be happy just to have you tell me if you feel my chart has more good or bad aspects and maybe if this lifetime will be more about paying my karma debts than actually making progress.

Aspects that interest me the most are:
Leo rising at 29 degree in 2nd house
Jupiter in Sagittarius conjuct Pluto in Scorpio
Mars conjuct North Node
Venus Opposition Saturn
And Sun square Jupiter

Thank you. Daniela


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