well i will start introducing myself with telling you my sun sign/ascendant combination.

what do you think about my sun sign: Capricorn , ascendant: Cancer combination?



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Well it's hard to say. Your Moon will greatly color the nature of your rising. In general a Cancer rising turns a Capricorn a little inside out. Capricorns typically wear thick, dense, hard-earned armor to protect themselves from the outside world. All their soft, squishy, vulnerabilities kept from view, so much so the Capricorn often has a hard time conscioously identifying with those inner qualities. When given a Cancerian rising the armor is much more permeable and soft. This Capricorn more readily exposes these inner qualities of itself. Emotional expressions/exchanges, terms of endearment, being personal, looking for acceptence more openly, etc.. You may not be as cold and ridgid as a Capriccrn would be typically and likely have a great deal of self consciousness. Specifics can only be applied to a full chart however.
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thank you for the interesting answer , i guess this is really true when i look at myself.


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Hi. I wrote some stuff about this sign axis on an ongoing thread about the relationship axis. It might be of interest.