Glad you did it starlink :D I was so happy myself when I figured it out. I couldn't put my chart up for ages. For the word pad, I press start on my computer and go to my Microsoft works word processor and it pops up on screen and then your ready to paste what you want on the pad. Once you learn how to paste (which I didn't know how to do for a while you are just pasting the link onto your word pad). But you have learnt how to do it anyway, and once you do it a couple of times it is so easy to do.:D

Jag when you want to erase information on your chart, I go to search on my computer and search for my chart under search pictures on my computer and type the file name I want.

When the image comes up I click on the chart image, and then go to the top of the screen click on file and then click on edit. Your picture/chart should appear with paint/eraser/circles and all the stuff you can alter your chart with.

Just click on the eraser and use it to delete the details you want. If you want to highlight an aspect in a chart you can use the circle to circle round a placement and use other tools to highlight whatever you want in the chart. When your finished save your new edited chart.

Hope this helps, just spend time practicing it and you will soon get the hang of it. Maybe there is another way to do it but this is how I do it.


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Gee whizz Shiny, you ARE good at this stuff. Thanks also for the instructions you gave to Jag, they serve all of us, super!:)