Canes Venatici and Actaeon by Paul Manship

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Does God have any redeeming qualities? I don't think he does. That is why he is leaching on to Donald Trump so tightly. He can use Donald Trump as a reflection and use as a scapegoat at the same time.


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According to Ptolemy it is of the nature of Mars and Mercury; and, to Alvidas, of Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter in good aspect. It gives martial honor, preferment and wealth. [Robson, p.147.]

War and carnage are presaged by Betelgeuse. The star is indicative of great fortune, martial honors and “kingly” attributes

With Jupiter: Serious and studious mind, shrewd and profitable business dealings, great honor in the Church or law. [Robson, p.147.]
With Saturn: Shrewd, cunning, craftily dishonest, treacherous to friends, eventful life with many ups and downs, eventual wealth but little comfort, unfavorable for domestic matters.

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Sure he is sorry

Tennessee lawmaker apologizes after suggesting 'hanging by tree' as method of execution​

A Tennessee state representative is backpedaling after he suggested adding hanging by tree as a method of execution during discussion this week in Nashville about a bill concerning capital punishment.

Rep. Paul Sherrell, R-Sparta, made the suggestion during a Criminal Justice Committee meeting Tuesday while lawmakers discussed HB1245 and an amendment to the bill that would allow for death by firing squad as an execution method in Tennessee.

"I was just wondering, could I put an amendment on that that would include hanging by a tree, also," Sherrell asked during the meeting.

Tennessee, like much of the South, has a traumatic history with hangings and particularly lynchings, which often took place publicly and without due process for the victim. Tennessee had 236 documented lynchings between 1877 and 1950, though there were likely more unreported cases, according to the Equal Justice Initiative.

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Elon Musk quote to point out the hideous double standard hypocrisy of how people think.

Wow, this is messed up. Imposing guilt upon people for things that happened before they were even born is not right. It needs to stop.