can you see the illness???


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My sister born 11-2-62 at 8:30am in Cleveland Oh has become quite ill starting in 2000 at the young age of 40 she had quadruple bypass surgery and since that time she has had numerous other hospital stays, she has had many stents placed and is on quite alot of medication. When I look at her now although she has not been hospitalized now for sometime (few months) she just does not look well all her vital signs are ok and she is taking the correct medications but when I look at her and not with my trained nurses eye but with my sisterly eyes she looks like her time here will not be much longer she has been through so much already I was hoping that someone could look at her chart medically and let me know what they see. It did take the doctors a long time to figure out why her blood kept clotting that is the reason for all the stents.
Thank You so much

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My sister born 11-2-62 at 8:30am in Cleveland Oh

Does this date refer to November 2nd or February 11th? I know that people indigenous to the United States generally write the month before the day, but I know that many others in the world flip these two numbers...

EDIT: I will post the November 2nd edition here for now and replace it with the February 11th chart if necessary :wink:

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I can see transiting Saturn conjuncting Mars in 9, opposing natal Saturn and squaring Sun and Neptune in 12. This would certainly give your sister that look of fatigue. Jupiter is also transiting the 12th house so that should help with healing I would think. Next year Jupiter conjuncts Venus at the Ascendant and Venus rules the 6th house of health so I would look at that positively also.

Chiron is currently conjuncting her Saturn in 3. 3rd house is siblings so maybe this is an indicator of your concern and pain with her condition.


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I'm sorry to hear that you and your sister have been going through all this.

The first thing that jumped out at me when I read your first post was that she was only 40 when this started. From age 39-43 everyone goes through their Uranus Opposition. Uranus deals with things that come to us in sudden and unexpected ways. At Uranus Opposition a lot of people (usually males) will have heart attacks from all the tremendous 'sudden' Uranian energies blasting through the bodies and their hearts that they've kept closed down all their lives.

And if the 'heart' has been closed off for whatever reason/reasons then this transit will blast this and any other areas and issues repeatedly in an attempt to get the energies opened back up once again. Problem is that there are physical repercussions to all this.

Not long ago I listened to a young man about 46 tell his story about having his first heart attack at age 39, a second one at 41 and then the same surgery you mentioned shortly after that.

If we've carried a lot of emotional pain and suffering for most of our lives and keep it all inside, or.......if we've suppressed most all of our emotions and not allowed them out, then often Uranus Opposition will cause this whole issue to be brought up to the surface and usually heart attacks and major heart surgery is the result. "Mid Life Crisis" can manifest in so many ways, but this Uranus Opposition pulls in the heart in both the physical and emotional bodies, especially if it's been shut down prior.

The very best to you both with this.


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She has lots going on around the angles in her natal chart.

My feeling is that she is being asked to make some big changes whenever some outer planet transits occur.

Perhaps she has not done that as she does not realise or know what the next step is for her.
Around forties is mid life. We are asked to move away from old stuff that is no longer relevant for us as the 3 outers make hard aspects to their natal position.
Illness can be the transits last resort to make us change from old ways of thinking or doing in some way.


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During 2000, there was the great conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Taurus with the square to Uranus in Aquarius. Tr. Neptune was also transiting the first decanate of Aquarius. Place these into your sister's chart and you see that they all aspect her T-square in the fixed signs, with Taurus on the 6th house cusp as the empty leg. this would seem to indicate that anything not worked out within the T-square will produce physical symptons of the fixed signs when anything transits Taurus.

Lapis made the comment 'when the heart is closed off'....and this would seem to be shown through the Sun-square Saturn, producing the 'weak' heart of Sun-Neptune as a result of blood clots (Mars in Leo). Loss and/or difficulties with dad, whereby the light of life was dimmed?

The Sun rules the 9th house, Mars rules the 5th house, Neptune rules the 4th house and Saturn rules the intercepted Capricorn in the second house, in which resides the natal well-aspected Moon.
Is your sister someone who, before onset of illness, took what came her way as something she could not do anything about? A reserved Moon in Capricorn familar with taking life as it comes, whereby a Scorpio Sun does not express the emotion it feels, Mars in Leo does not express its anger, Saturn in Aquarius resists any kind of change? That she bears her suffering in dignity and resolution is evident, but is her health problem induced by hereditary genes, OR not being able to cope with outer pressure from someone/something so much stronger than she?
There is someone inside her who has always felt itself to be different to the rest and never treated as an equal. It may have felt it was never given the natural love everyone receives and takes for granted. This could produce a lack of will to survive......which is the very reason she has the strength within her of a Scorpio Sun....the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

With tr. Mercury positively aspecting her Scorpio side and tr. Pluto sextile her natal Mercury, this is the PERFECT time to talk to her about everything she has ever left unsaid. Help her to get rid of the past that is acting like a weight upon her heart whilst tr. Saturn and tr. Chiron are effecting that natal T-square. Don't let her lose the will to live but take up the fight of her Mars in Leo to make a new life for herself in spite of her physical condition. I have a brother who has been living on 'borrowed time' since a heart condition in his mid-50's. Three by-passes in his late 60's and during his 70's, the most recent being the loss of a limb when the artery from the lower leg saved the heart but destroyed the leg. He hopes to celebrate his Leo Sun's 80th birthday this year !!!

Your sister has already experienced the mid-life crisis expressed elsewhere. She should be changing. She is now under the influence of tr. Uranus conjunct I.C to natal Pluto opposition. This is rather like turning the whole 'inner house' upside down and doing some inner spring cleaning. It's amazing how different the world looks once the unnecessary cobwebs and dust have been removed for good and it takes on a new look that sparkles :)

I wish you both all the strength you need to get through this time.



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Thanks to everyone for helping with this chart. I did forward the results to my sister and we spoke for quite some time, see she will not stop smoking and it is literally killing her plus her "gem of a husband left her after 1q year of her illness. I appreciate all the kind thoughts and words than you to everyone.


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oh and frisiangal you were dead on She never for what ever reason experienced much love in her life but she never stopped looking. and you mentioned something about loss of father we were both quite young when we lost him suddenly. so you the woman!!!!!!