Can you say quintiles...

Thought i'd share my quintiles and bi-quintiles. Oh and by the way about the orbs this is the site i took the advise of.

Well going by this site i think i have anywhere between 8-10 of them.

Sun bi-quintile Neptune - 145.35
moon bi-quintile pluto - 145.39
mercury quintile midheaven - 71.17
ascendant quintile moon - 73.29
ascendant quintile pluto - 71.41
venus quintile saturn - 71.02
pallas quintile Fortune - 71.31
mercury quintile uranus - 142.36

then the two i am not sure about are mars quintile jupiter - 69.54,
and uranus bi-quintile midheaven - 146.07. but when i think of that site above i think they are legit. It made sense for some reason. Eh who knows. Theres all differences in opinion. Funny how none of them are exact though...

Then i also have like about 16 septiles, bi-septiles, triseptiles...about 14 noviles, bi-noviles, tri-noviles, about 7-8 deciles etc. Which most of them are exact this time! I don't want to post them all right now though. Hahah.

My chart is craaazzyy! gw&sday=9&smon=6&syr=2008&hsy=-1&zod=&orbp=&rs=0&ast=

:D All comments welcome!
It's funny because that is the "5th"harmonic aspect. And my expression and personality numbers in numerology just so happen to be "5". Ok i'm done this time.


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Double Leo,
Sounds like you're in Einstein's league. Any theories you care to share?
Unlike you, I am not a many 'tiled one. But I have a pretty close quintile of Mars and Moon. I am hoping it helps my otherwise lacklustre chart, but I have no theories, so maybe it doesn't...
Yea i have a lot of interesting theories. I also have an extremely good memory. I equate that more with my mercury trine jupiter and mercury in cancer though. I am also a pretty good and experienced guitar player having been playing for about 9 years now. I'm almost 22. I used to think my chart was atrocious but i have learned to except it. I also have a lot of really bad aspects wich i talked about on an earlier thread. But i have come to respect my birthchart. My progressed chart is also pretty good. I have progressed moon in aries trine natal sun and natal mercury. I live a really relaxed life most of the time. Sometimes there is drama but for the most part i would say my life is overall very content. I think it's because i have sun sextile moon as well. I tend to think that because i do have so many of the positive minor aspects (probably about 45) that it's likes having about 10 more sextiles or 10 more trines in my chart. hahahah.

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My Firstborn elder son, Derik, has an intriguing triangle of a 4th House Mars at 29° 17' Taurus Quintile a 7th House Jupiter at 10° 6' of Leo with both of those each Bi-Quintile a 12th House Mercury at 3° 27' of Capricorn. Because of the talents or creative abilities sometimes attributed to Quintiles I found this 3 planet configuration interesting. I've considered that both the 3rd and 7th Houses are naturally ruled by Air signs and the 12th House by Neptune often relating to music. He has shown a cool talent with strings. After almost 2 months of formal guitar lessons he was requested by his guitar teacher to help those falling behind. Then he was the first to start a craze of getting Mandolin lessons. Immediately a total of 8 kids started after I suggested he trust me about his Italian Teacher probably knowing Mandolin, Dave Granati who played with Van Halen. Derik also picked up a Banjo and began learning it somewhat and after 15 minutes of observing a South American Artisan playing a Charango from Bolivia, he began playing it for a solid 20 minutes. He was hooked and bought one online and has already played it publicly at the Performing Arts School where he'll be a Senior this Fall. About a month ago I came home to see him sitting in front of the computer after with his acoustic guitar having tuned it to mock a Sitar playing a version of Indian sounding music he found via you tube.

I can't but help think the strings are deep in his soul over lifetimes with that 12th House Mercury. BTW, has anyone ever noticed markers in a chart that indicate specific instruments. I've only found a Taurus connection to the voice and Neptune and Venus issues discussed astrologically. Any other ideas, thoughts or research?

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I can't but help think the strings are deep in his soul over lifetimes with that 12th House Mercury. BTW, has anyone ever noticed markers in a chart that indicate specific instruments. I've only found a Taurus connection to the voice and Neptune and Venus issues discussed astrologically. Any other ideas, thoughts or research?

No, but I would be extremely interested to learn about this. Perhaps we should collect the charts of forum members who play a musical instrument...?

I imagine this would be difficult to determine because some classical instruments have been around for a very long time, and their date of origin is unknown. Therefore, there really is no synastry chart to which one could compare one's natal chart.

I know I'm getting off-topic here, but I think I created a thread some months ago speculating upon possible planetary rulers for woodwind instruments and brass instruments. I obviously have a lot of Aries in my natal chart, but I think I was destined to be a woodwind player because my chart ruler Mars in located in Gemini--the sign that rules the fingers. Woodwind and string instruments in particular require extreme finger dexterity, especially when you get to the more difficult, advanced pieces.

You have to keep in mind that certain instruments are more popular than others, and people may inadvertently chose instruments that they are not physically well-suited for. For example, the trombone requires a certain arm length to reach the sixth and seventh positions, the bassoon requires one to stretch their fingers to press all the keys, the flute requires a strong lung capacity, etc.

I'm sorry for interrupting this thread; if Double Leo would prefer it, I will move the latter part of Soul Friend's post and my own post to another thread.

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I have a few quintiles and biquintiles in my chart... threaded before about them. ONe config stands out with Jupiter on my Gem asc b-quintiling both neptune and venus, which quintile eachother. I have have merc quintile pallas.

But I dont play music, I draw and paint and stuff like that.... all of which require that manual dexterity that has been mentioned.

Lots of people mention a spiritual dimension to quintiles.... not sure why... the 5th harmonic that has been largely ingored while the 4th and 6th are tres important?? Not sure.

I suppose I am still discovering what it means... and as there is little to go on.... I play in isolation with my own chart.... I do note more artistic activity when my jup ven nep triangle gets activated with transits......which is happening as we speak.

Love Light Flea


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I have done a fair amount of research on the quintile; as already noted it is a fifth harmonic aspect which John Addey always associated with the use and abuse of power; because of the occult significance of the pentagram it is considered by some to be an aspect which requires activation lest it be triggered into its base expression with often uncomfortable results. Bill Tierney noted that it is often found in the charts of composers and artists, but also mass-murderers and murder victims.

The 'Golden Yod' is an intriguing configuration formed from a quintile between two planets which each biquintile a third. An angle works just as well. From my research the Golden Yod is often found in the charts of musicians and actors. Kevin Costner has a Golden Yod to his Mc. Many iconic film stars charts evidenced Golden Yods, or what I call 'Golden t-squares' (two quintiles joined by a biquintile), such as Joan Crawford, Charlie Chaplin and James Dean. James Dean has an incredible configuration of quintiles if you take a look at his chart.
Musicians too, Buddy Holly and Carole King for example.

The negative potential is found in the charts of many notewrothy individuals. Murder victims like Albert Ayler who was found dead in NYs East River on 25th Nov. 1970 for one; there are many other examples; victims of anothers power misuse; like Patty Hearst for example. Adolf Hitler had some incredible quintile configurations in his chart. He evidenced a Golden Yod to his Moon Jupiter conjunct at the apex from Saturn and Neptune.

I have a fairly extensive library on the [bi]quintile now. You may wish to include 36 deg. and the sequiquintile of 108 deg. That's a magical number too, according to Crowley it is the sum of Jesus and Mary, and there are 1080 bricks in a Turkish oven: always.


i am very interested in knowing what i might have in my chart in regards harmonic aspects... i am very bad at math though and have no idea how to do it if someone would be interested in enlightening me as to what i have in my chart...

ps. i too am a musician... i sing and play the guitar and keyboards, albeit i am very shy, and do not perform.


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You have a peregrine Uranus, which is very interesting. It also forms the focus of two quindeciles from the Mc and Chiron. That will become an enormous factor in your life, something that started in Oct 97 maybe.
As far as quintiles are concerned, you get Ne q Ju/Sa, Ju/Sa bq Ch, Ur q Mo/Asc. If you allow a slightly wider orb, you actually get a Golden Yod with Chiron at the apex, from Ju/Sa and Neptune.
That's a pretty rare and powerful aspect set.


thank you! enlighten me further... quindecials have a compulsive/ obssesive quality to them, yes? can you tell me anything else about a quindecial? and also how my peregrine uranus might play out in this... (why, is it interesting...)

how might my yod play out as well...

thanks you...

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Thanks for helping my memory regarding the Golden Yod. I had learned of it ages ago and because of rarity couldn't pull it to memory. That's a nice help. Take Care!