Can you read my chart please

Help reading VEDIC CHART please? As a whole.

I was born on
05/21/1995 @ 06:04am in Dundee, Scotland/GMT 0:00 +1 DST

I understand where the planets are, in which house, and lordship of houses, etc...
I don't get which are debilitated, exalted, etc... or the relationship as a whole. Like an analysis as a whole tying everything together.

I had a couple of questions regarding wealth, and marriage.

I want to be either an oral surgeon or an orthodontist (both dental field), and I wouldn't mind doing either. I know it's not good, and as a Hindu, I should strive for better ordeals, but material wealth is big for me. Like, I want it, and I'm willing to work as hard as I need to, to get it. I'm quite traditional, and religious, and want someone who is just like that. I know what I want, and I WILL NOT marry unless she is Gujarati and somewhat traditional/religious. If you could see where I would meet her or under what Dasha, or how old I'd be that, that would be great.

And any other general analysis would be AMAZING!

Thank you in advance!


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We need to know the time of birth, place etc.We cannot said anything if we have just two pictures only, of those charts.Par example, how we can know the strenght of your planets?We must use a software for this, because we are not rishis.And I don't think that are still some astrologers who calculates everything manually.
I like your question, because I think that you want to learn.



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I was not able to made your chart because of Time Zone/Daylight saving issues, I think.The chart post by you gives Taurus Lagna in Rasi and Virgo Lagna in Navamsa, but for a time of birth at 4:50 a.m., thus not for the given time, 6:04 a.m.
Maybe you will give to us the Time Zone, if you don't want to say your place of birth.



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Its almost impossible to read everything from a vedic chart in a forum.
If you have a specific query, it can be answered, else its better to consult someone personally to get general full reading


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The given time is from birth certificate?You are sure about the time?
For the birth at 6:04 a.m. Lagna is in Taurus at 28 degree, so if you are born 5 minutes later, your Lagna is in Gemini.As a start, Taurus Lagna shows not a great height, but Gemini Lagna shows a taller body.How is your height?The color of your eyes is blue?