Can you please help interpret these aspects for me?


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Hello all! I am new to this community but I've been studying astrology for about 2 years now and would so greatly appreciate some external insight on my natal chart.

There are a few aspects in my chart that I am able to make an interpretation about. Firstly, I am a Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp. I am definitely ambitious and determined to get what I want out of life. I think that my Leo moon makes me a kind of sensitive show-off in a way. I secretly really want people to like me and I am easily embarrassed. I am very self-disciplined and I think I can attribute that to my Saturn opposition Mars aspect. Though, sometimes this self-discipline manifests itself in negative ways, so I guess the opposition can count for that. And while I don't have a necessarily quick temper, once my anger hits a certain point, then I explode.

There are a few aspects that I don't quite understand, such as square that Jupiter and Pluto make to both Saturn and Mars. How do those planets affect the opposition? Would you interpret this opposition differently? Does Neptune trine ascendant mean that I come off as mysterious or lost? Also, I am a very artistic person. Is there a single thing in my chart that reflects that? What does my lack of air signs say about me?

Thank you for your help!!


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For thorough reading, you can share your past life events to verify birth time.

Good luck

My birth time is 2:40pm on 12/21/1994. My parents divorced in 05/2005, my half brother was born 09/2010, I moved across the country to get mental health treatment 09/2013, near death experience 08/2014, recovered from mental health problems to a very high degree 07/2017-07/2018. Does this help for a more thorough reading?


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mle, your chart is graphically very beautiful, but hard to read. Can you recast it using the free charts page at Astrodienst ? Theirs are about the most legible. We need to be able to read the planets' degrees.