Can you help interpret my chart?


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Hi, can you tell what are your thoughts on my chart? What does the yod in my chart mean?
Also what would it mean if chiron is in a grand cross with mars, saturn and uranus?


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Welcome to the forum.

I don't see a grand cross in your chart. I see a couple of T-squares (although the orbs are wide) and a yod pointing to Mercury-Venus in your 10th house.

Can you be more specific on what you want to know?


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Thanks, waybread. Can you tell what does the mercury-venus yod mean? There is no aspect lines to chiron shown in the chart but underneath there is an aspect list which shows that chiron, mars, saturn and uranus are in a square. I was wondering what that meant.
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Saturn and uranus relate to responsibilty and breaking free of burdens that are not good for you or your tired of so there might be tension there with your life direction and whether you should go down certain paths and how that affects your responsibilities to others and whether the good outways the bad maybe.


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Hmm, makes sense. I had difficulty understanding it before as I am a beginner. Thanks for the insight! Also what does the north node mean? Does it say anything about why we are born in this world or the purpose?
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The planet or planets at the tip of a yod supposedly indicate some kind of energy that you need to develop, in the sense that you will feel a certain amount of pressure to do so.

Your yod involves Neptune and Jupiter in a sextile relationship, with Venus-Mercury at the apex. These planets suggest that you have a vivid imagination, which hopefully you are able to express via some artistic talent. Do you write or play a musical instrument?

There are different interpretations of the nodes of the moon. I think the NN shows where your growth lies. Yours is in the 10th house of one's vocation and public image.

Having Chiron right on your ascendant can give you the feeling that something is wrong with your very being-in-the-world. Maybe you don't think you come across to others very well. But if you can stay open to these feelings and participate fully in life, regardless, you will gain in wisdom and compassion for other people. Planets squaring Chiron put a lot of pressure on you: first, to feel whatever it is you must feel about yourself; but then to learn from these life experiences in such a way that you will be a blessing to other people.


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Thanks for the response! It was insightful. I do like to play the piano.
It's not that I think I don't come across well to other people, I just think there is something wrong with this world.
Also do you know what does the moon in nadir mean?


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sun-venus-rahu NNode virgo 10th, artistic aptitudes, acting skills, political aptitude,
medicine/pharmacy/anesthetics, govt-foreign assignments;

rise-fall in life, need for zinc supplements perhaps,
prone to toxic health issues, heart-stomach-intestinal-knees etc;

venus debilated, self-centred, jup aspect venus,
debilation cancelled, gradual growth/improvements;

prayers for welfare of ancestors,
observe fast No-moon evenings taking milk-fruits or as per custom,
observe death anniversaries religiously;

wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

jup-ketu SNode pisces 4th/5th,
hyper-sensitive/intuitive, spiritual, advisory roles;
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-feet-stomach-liver etc to care;
detachment from mother-motherland-property;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers at alter at home thurs evenings;

cancer-moon 9th inimical-malefic for scorpio asc,
stress-delays in luck-education-travels;

inimical moon over acq 4th, mystic, reformist;
stress in matters of mother-property matters,
health issues heart-lungs-legs-circulatory issues;
previous 1.5yr separative ketu transit moon acq 4th,
pain-injury-surgery and detachments;

hope information offers relevant clues to reflect and adapt,
do share how true-insightful-helpful-prospective, traits-talents-health etc,

do promptly ack, share salient pointwise feedbacks,

wishing well, kshantaram
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hi Elson

a few thoughts.your venus/mercury conjunction to the node and thor opposition to the moon ,shows your are exceptionally psychic. your intuitions are always correct and you have the potential read other minds. you can project your thoughts and others may respond. also others who are also intuitive will be able to read you.
this pattern shows you are very loving and emotionally . you are joyous and always bring good feelings to others. this is very favorable for relationships as you are extremely attractive to others.
this gives great intelligence an you have a knack of always know where to go to find the answers to question you might have .sometimes it seems tha th eexact book you need to read just synchronistically comes to you.

i will admit,though that with your mars/venus midpoint square to the saturn/pluto midpoint, you may not have the success socially or romantically that i allude to because the saturn/pluto midpoint shows you have a reclusive side to your personality and some times you simply are are not attracted to excessive social or emotional interactions...

this reclusive nature is also indicated by pluto square to the sun/node midpoint. this gives deep inner emotional strength . though you can find it difficult to let go of others when relationships are over.

with neptune square to saturn, there is another,not so much reclusiv, as private. yuo don't like others to know your feelings. this makes you a very complicated person as you have many facets to your personality.

saturn/pluto midpoint is also conjunct your uranus/moon midpoint. this suggests you have mood swings or you have trouble making decisions sometimes. thee aspect do tend to tone down your emotional nature ,so i might have be off a bit to characterize you as very emotional and demonstrative.

you have chiron on your ascendant which accentuates your intelligence. it makes your investigative, analytical and a bit judgenetal. you are always interested in understanding how and why people are the way they are. your judgemental side omes out when you see someone who is hypocritical or just not doing what they say, because then you will call them out. this is one thing o work on, don't speak to quickly when criticzing other. though you usually are correct you need to remember that not all people are as open to valid criticism as you are.

hmmmm you have the pluto/lilith midpoint conjunct chiron... yuo must be very careful because the insights yuo get about others are always very deep. that is you see the deepest reach of others personality and it may not always be nice things you see. i would think that you have had very bad reactions to somethings you have said about others, not realizing how deeply you were seeing and not realizing a very harsh reaction would occur.
but positively this gives you a very profound mind. you have thoughts and analysis that are far above what a person of your age would be expected to have.

i won't say much about your finger of god(yod) except that you must be careful because sometimes even those who you think are true friends will have the potential to betray you.

it is difficult not to see you as having some sort of what might be considered a form of bipolar syndrome, because your mars is opposed to uranus which shows you are at times exceptionally radical and unpredictable in your behavior,yet at other times you seem to be be to fall into deep despondency as saturn is opposed to lilith. this can b e confusing because your negative moods can arise seemingly with no conscious cause.



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Hi, can you tell what are your thoughts on my chart? What does the yod in my chart mean?
Also what would it mean if chiron is in a grand cross with mars, saturn and uranus?

I think that the moon in the 4th suggests that you're a homebody at heart. I don't see a grand cross in your chart. You would need 4 planets at close to the same degrees aspecting one another through squares and opposition.