Can you guess my rising sign from my pictures?


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I am 1.79 cm. tall and have an average built and also have brown eyes.


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I was going to say Taurus but Edward pipped me to it! so... my scientific wild guess is .....:unsure: I'm going 'next door' where the twins live and I say a 1st dec Gem with Jupiter aspecting ASC

This is just what we needed a guess the sign competition :)


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Hm... I'm also seeing aspect to Mars... can't really say why. I'm going with Earth sign... Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.


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I am pretty sure it is taurus, but it has some aspect with Jupiter
or has no jupiter can be your sun that gives me this vibe saggie
I do not know very well how the sun can influence the appearance.Sorry


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I love this wheel of fortune game :)

My bet is on a Fire sign! Perhaps rising sign on Aries?
I get the Earth vibes too but I think that's where some individual planets are (Moon, perhaps).

So when will we learn the truth?