Can you give me some information?


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1) Yes. 7th lord in 9th, Jupiter in 12th. Jupiter with Rahu in Navamsa. Moon is DK is in 12th.

2) Work, yes. 10th lord Moon in 12th. Foreign settlement, no. Saturn is 4th lord and in 4th.


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Your Venus is associated with Rahu. Therefore marriage with a foreigner or some one who does not belong to your community or region is possible.
You have Mars in the ninth house from where it very strongly influences your fourth and twelfth houses. Therefore you may leave your place of birth and live abroad.


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moon-jup over virgo 12th for foreign lands,
transit jup virgo 12th now, jup aspect own pisces 6th for employment;
moon lord 10th for career over moon 12th;health under emotional stress;
while sat retro towards venus-rahu scorpio 2nd, urological-kidney issues etc;

sat after 4-5m direct sag 3rd good for initiative-progress,
but sat sag opp mars gemini 9th, distant travels under stress-struggle;

leo-sun inimical for libra asc,
rahu transit leo now, stress from foreign relations-firms, delayed results;
ketu transit acq 5th tending to detachment from position-romance-children;

inimical sun debilated libra asc, health under stress especially infancy,
sun libra impressive personality, social-PR, wavery decision making;

mars lord of elevation/aries for sun over 10th quadrant from moon,
sun debilation cancelled, gradual improvement in health;

mer lord 9/12 over asc, promoting luck-education-distant lands;
sun-mer libra literary-oratory abilities;

jup late 017 moves to sun-mer libra trine mars gemini 9th, distant lands,
mars lord 7th for marriage over 9th for luck-distant lands,
which could happen first quarter 017 to watch;
transit sat-mars opp however under stress-struggle;

venus-rahu scorpio 2nd for family-finances, research-occult aptitudes,
earnings from distant lands; acting skills;

rahu debilated indulging into the occult and passionate,
sudden rise-fall in life,

need for ancestor worship, prayers for their welfare and blessings,
observe death anniversaries religiously;
observe fast on black moon day evening each month

lord mars in 10th quadrant from moon, rahu debilation cancelled,
gradual improvement in family-finances;

jup transit venus-rahu later mid-018 too
could promote marriage with foreigner and earnings from distant lands,

jup trine aspect own pisces 6th for employment-health;
jup elevated aspect over cancer 10th promoting career then;

rahu last quarter 017 moves to cancer 10th for foreign lands, lift in career;
ketu transit natal sat cap 4th, detachment from mother-home-property;

rahu transit 10th could activate
natal venus-rahu scorpio for foreign relationship and earnings to watch;

things could start now and culminate mid-018 to take stock and watch;
18yrs rahu-dasa/period now till age 33.5 approx,
rahu for foreigners/foreign lands, research-occult, foreign income.

natal sat own cap 4th growth-riches through mass admin, real estate management,
sat elevated aspect over libra asc protective.
mars elevated aspect over sat-cap 4th promoting property/real estate;
sat moves to own cap 4th after 2.5yrs, sat return take long-term decisions;

venus-mars lords 1/7 over scorpio-gemini 6/8 from each other,
unfriendly signs-lords mars-mer prone to severe conflict in marriage to care.

hope the information helps take stock and reflect as relevant
do share specifc feedbacks as true/untrue, insightful-meaningful,

suggest focus on the interpretations/possibilites and
not focus on the technicalities mentioned for record and ref.

wishing well,


moon virgo compatible with moons virgo, taurus, gemini, libra;
libra asc compatible with asc libra, gemini, virgo, cap, acq,
vedic synastry starts with moon nakshatra/star compatibility to begin with.

Hastha nakshatra opportunistic, able to grab opportunities.
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