can you analyze my progressed chart?


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im pretty new to astrology, i was wondering if someone can analyze my progressed and natal chart. i have had depression and low self esteem and anxiety for the last 3 years and i just want to know if theres anything in my natal or progressed chart that indicates that. thanks :) date of birth: 18/8/96 time of birth: 2:42 am place of birth: dundalk ireland name: cillian


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Previous progressions and transits.

The first thing to do is look backwards then we can move forward.

The biggest and most simple statement to see in the progressed chart is that the

progressed planets have all been contacting natal Neptune.

Last year we had a Prog Sun Sesquadrate to Neptune. A Mars prog

opposition to Neptune and then a Prog Venus opposition to Neptune.

It is like your life path has been deep in the Kingdom of Neptune

deep under the ocean. Deep emotions that swallow you, a trial by emotion.

What does this mean?

You have been very confused, lost (Neptune) and now to make matters

worse intense feelings and idealism for someone. (Prog Venus Neptune.)

Unrequited or secret love.

There are several indications showing that this is not an easy love.

You are currently under a Transiting Pluto opposition to Venus.

Someone has made you experience desire and need that is creating

despair at times. This has been growing since January and will reach a

peak in November. If you are in a blocked situation with your feelings

for someone or a relationship is in trouble then November will see this

pass and you will feel you can make a decison and take action.

Previous Transits and your moods.

The previous transits have been Neptune Saturn (depression) and Uranus

Moon, issues around home family or emotions.

Is there hope?

You have got all the bad stuff cleared out while young. Your a real person,

you care about others and are no coward when protecting those you love

and nurture (Mars on Asc in Cancer).

In 2017 you meet someone who you are very close to. Prog Venus trine Pluto under a

Transit Neptune trine to Venus.

November this year things clear with your current feelings and 2017 you

are beginning the summer of life. It is only Spring now after a hard winter.

Be patient.

Below is a song for you and your chart.

Everything has a season and your time has already been set aside.

Your life is a story and is unfolding in which you are the main character of this chart and

you always matter to life as the whole even when hard things happen in the short term.

Give my regards to Dundalk Racecourse lol.

If you are new to Astrology, I recommend reading Parkers Astrology as a introduction.

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Wait excuse my lack of knowledge but are you saying things won't get better until 2017? My main problem is low self esteem. Is there any indication of when that'll pass?


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Can you post your chart? It's a common courtesy on astro-forums. I would suggest two kinds: your natal chart w/ progressions and then your progressed chart, which will also progress your house cusps.

You can do both of these at the free charts pp. at . Then either save the charts to your computer and upload them here; or else link us to a permanent site elsewhere. Don't link the charts site directly, however, or your image will soon expire.


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Self esteem will come from loving yourself without needing someone else.

Self esteem will come from surviving the sadness and self hate you temporarily feel.

I am confident you will begin to feel better in November. The 2017 prediction was a

special bonus. Your still young and I can appreciate the frustration you feel at the moment.

Astrology and Magic are not the same things however. Astrology can not

make your problem go away now, only attempt to try and time it.

You must between now and November continue to fight the swamp you have been in.

The alternative is to read Faust on using astrology to perform magic and rather than wait

six months and grow that self esteem, get it cheap.


But I am sure you will be fine waiting only 6 months or 24 weeks and self esteem will

come with learning to love yourself without needing others to tell you if you are good

enough or not.

November is the first change in predictive indications.

A piece of music for the Autumn winds to blow this sadness away.
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