Can we trust this guy with our Horoscopes ??


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starlink said:
....does this mean that she did astrological or whatever other sort of readings about your qualities? Or do I totally misunderstand you here?
yes , qualities /psych /potential , you got it right
I can imagine how very difficult it is for you to change yourself into a trusting person after what you went through. But you want to change, otherwise you would not have come with your question, which was actually not really the question wasn't it?

[i'm lost in the syntax ... if i said i am always "stalking" my own behaviours , would you understand better ?]
You have embarked on something else here.

It seems so [checks self in mirror ]:D

Why is the answer "No"?? The answer is "Yes" and I believe you are mature enough to work on your personal development, actually, you have started already. Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Sun makes it look like everything is in chaos (even more so with the quincunx from Sun to Neptune), but you know what they say about chaos. Order will eventually emerge. You should not fight battles right now, just go with the flow, meditate, listen to music (and don't drug yourself silly if that should be on the menu). You are not dreaming, you are just aimlessly floating right now I guess, but it could be very creative. And go on with the astrology, it is the best roadmap you can use in your life.

You do that!!

Cheers, Starlink

It took a while to respond ..... happy to say things are progressing well ....and not too smoothly ... the "waiting has ended" .... but there is no unecessary hastle or hustle.

Ciao Bella !


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Well I have Neptune right on the DSC in Scorpio also, not sure if it makes me astrologically savvy, but it certainly makes me an idealist in relationships and more sensitive to others needs, which an astrologer must do.

More important, you have Aquarius on the MC, with the Sun there opposing Uranus. This lends astrological ability, as well as a sensitive Mercury, a Jupiter at home in Sag, trine the node and sextile Chiron (lending advice is something you can easily do), and Mercury is opposing your Pluto and trine Neptune, giving impetus to probe deeply into the psyche and be very empathic. Most good astrologers tend to be psychic as well, so this is good. I think you would probably do better as a channeler or healer, and use astrology on the side, rather than the reverse.