Can we go back to before?


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Hi everyone - hope all is well.
Hoping to get some help with this chart.
Can we go back to before?
I am seeking reconciliation with a love interest who’s also a friend.
I’d like to go back to our friendly terms of when we’d go out together for, flirt, touch etc.
We looked at a previous chart of mine from some weeks ago on here. Chrysallis had pointed out that I’d regret my telling her my feelings and that it would cause strain on us.
Well. That was correct. At the time I was glad I was honest with her. Now I regret it. Ha!

Presently the girl is formal and distant. I just got back to her city yesterday and saw her in the office. We talked yesterday at the office and she said nothing is wrong and I was just overthinking. I clearly think something is wrong because she’s gone from needing to talk to me all the time and hang out to being distant.
Her last contact with me was a text where she said she will reply later when I sent a message explaining my position and how I see her.

So I want to reconcile, at least for friendship sake. I miss her so much and feel terrible anxiety. We get on so well, it's such a shame it's like this right now.

In this chart, I am Venus, moon
She is mars.
What I am unsure about is to whether assign the sun in this case to one of her boyfriends.
Because she has 2, I would’ve said mercury would have been one of them.

I am Venus, combust the sun - cazimi. I am totally unable to see clearly and handle the situation.
She is mars, combust the sun.
If I am to take sun as one of my significators than both of us burned out, by me.

Saturn in my 3rd house of communication is interesting.
It is in the detriment of her 3rd house ruler merc. Does this explain why the lack of texting?

Back to the original question of whether we can go back to before (reconcile) and be close.
Venus and mars in same sign - 10th (her 4th), conjunction perfecting in 9 units.
My moon trining mars in 9 units too,
There is contact which suggests yes. But overall, not sure.



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