Can someone tell me what's going on?

Can someone please tell me why my ex boyfriend doesn't leave me forever? We were together for a year, the next year we had complications, and i ended it many times, anyway now it has been a month and a half that i ended again, cuz of the way he talked to me, i knew that he will still be in contacts in a month or two and yes it happened. He is texting me again, and i dont reply. I want to know this mysticism of me and him together. The first year i was very happy, but because my other ex who was still in my heart male born in Armenia Yerevan, 09.17.1983....i couldnt be with this guy fully and my first ex is the most and biggest issue of me not being with this man in question, or even want to be with anyone at all. I can't forget my first ex., not cuz he was the first, but because of our connection. Please tell me if my first ex will ever be back to me? ^^
And Please tell me, about my second ex is he my destiny? Is he playing? Whats going on? Why does he make mistakes goes, and then comes back again. He was born 11.11.1977 male, born Armenia, Yerevan dont know the time. My birthdate 06.14.1986 female born in Armenia, Yerevan at 4a.m
If any of these two are not my future committed partner, then how long should i wait for the right one in my chart.
Thank you in advance!


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(Your Natal chart is at the bottom of this page as a PDF attachment.)

What is going on with the chart?

A combination of charts indicate that the answer to this is no.

Your natal fifth house of lovers contains the Moon and it is receiving a

transiting opposition from Neptune. There is confusion, fog and hidden

things. You have been asleep. Hiding things from yourself.

He knows that you never really got over the first love. He is battling his need to

be with you while knowing he is secretly second best. This sort of thing wounds a man.

What else is going on?

Well look at the transit Neptune it is hitting your natal

Saturn in the seventh house. Your going to come back down on soild

ground soon. Saturn in the seventh is going to wake you up next year.

It calls for you to accept this is over. If you do not you suffer. Simple.

The meaning and reason that it is over is that you need to accept your

first love is gone. Stop clinging onto your fifth house Moon.


You need to learn from Saturn about patience about limitation.

The past, the need to nurture, nostalgia, and Neptune in transit, is creating

false hope that one of them will come back. Stop being attached to the junk of the past.

It is a Neptune transit illusion.

Is there any hope left?

Mars is Exalted in Capricorn and is also in your tenth house while ruling the 7th

house. From 2018 to 2025 it is operative by Fidaria period. What we are looking at is a

marriage with high status.

You meet this man in 2017 under the Saturn Return in the seventh and a Uranus Venus

transit that gives instant attraction and awareness this is the one.

Ok it is a bit of a wait, but you need to know this man is your husband

not these guys you are asking about.

You have a bright future ahead but next year your just going to torment

yourself over two men that you can never really have now. Trying to move backwards will

not make your dreams come true it will become a nightmare as you turn into someone

carrying baggage. The man you meet in 2017 however, you can keep. Where you going

backwards or forwards? The past is gone. Get back on solid ground and look forward.



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Nice to be your friend! This 2017 attacked me though, i am really going to be lonely for that long? I will be 31, when am i going to have kids if even any after that age, they will be calling me a grandma in 10 years. How old will that man be ? I am not going to marry a ten year older than me man am i? What am i going to do all this 6 years? Anything in my carrer/work section? Am i going to find a good job? And where should i start for it? I am graduating this spring with a bachelors of sociology.
And the truth is, yes i have been asleep, because a very bad thing happened to me 10 years ago and my life was destroyed i havent been myself since then, now i live but i am unhappy, i am confused, dont know how long i am going to ne unhappy and lonely. See now iwill put this 2017 in my mind and i will not give a chance to anyone else, because i dont want anyone to come in for short term or come hurt me and go. Its just that it is such a long wait.
And i did cling for my first ex for two years already. He was in my heart, soul, mind everywhere, for two years and i did try to get him back, but no luck. Now i still would want him to come back, but if not then its not that much of a pain anymore as it was before. Is there really no way to get him back? Or him be the one for me? Why am i so attached to him? I am sorry i cant read charts and know very little about their function, i would love to learn though. I had this interest in reading astrology, for years and i love reading all this stuff, dont even know why i am so into this. Something inside me, told me that i need to find a way out of this and i tried all. Please answer my questions.


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Your tenth house is ruled and occupied by an exalted planet. This

is the highest dignity one can have. You have a strong career.

Secondly it is four years from now until early 2017.

Build the career in the next four years, date casual find yourself first.

Then marry, then have children.

You can not have everything you want all at once.

You have only one opinion here and there are many people here who will

guide you and help you, even showing you other interpretations.

This is only half of the answer the other half is freewill.
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And do you know ? Does it show where i need to start for my career? High dignity in career meaning i can be a higher person of a company or a big somewhere? And high status marriage means someone wealthy?? Did i interpret it right?