Can someone tell me the dark or hard aspects of this chart?


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astro_w2gw_p.61735.2661.pngThis is my ex-boyfriend's chart. I would really like to know about his hard aspects or his dark or negative aspects.
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hi hesperides
well he is very mean ands elfish he has pluto square o a Saturn/sun conjunction, so he has no compassion and always looks out for himself.
though midpoints of pluto/sun and pluto/Saturn are opposed to mars so he can be violent to get what he wants.
axiom is conjunct to pluto so his violence can be for no reason as he iles to fight.
psyche is conjunct to Pluto so he has a sadistic side, he like to inflict pain, especially of those are attracted to him. I would think that you are quite younger than him because this aspect often show he likes every young girls.

his Jupiter is conjunct to the moon on the ascendant and opposed to eris, so he comes off as a rally nice guy . with venus square to mars he can be very charming and act like he loves you ,but of course he want to get into you pants as quickly as he can. this can be attractive but he is all about sex and doesn't love any one he is with.

the venus/mars square midpoint is opposed to the pluto and square to Saturn and he sun ,so he is extremely sadist and is only love is too inflict emotional and physical pain. I would think that the wants to get you into SM type situations. probably he was wants tight you up. he also wants to get into 3 ways or orgies.

the venus/nessus midpoint s also square to Saturn and he sun so he really likes to emotionally, physically and sexual abuse others.

you know is very strange because sometimes he can be so truth and good, and he is good and truthful but it never is permanent. so he is good a sucking people into his loving feelings but he only act nice until he can take advantage and abuse you. it won't surprise if he didn't try to get you to sleep with his friends.



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Thank you so very much for interpreting this chart, rather accurately, I might add. I found myself amazed to read what you wrote because it's so uncannily true. This was a person I was very intimate and close with. He was jealous, insecure, (seriously) narcissistic, manipulating, selfish, hurtful, and sadistic. In fact, he was a self-proclaimed sadist and he called himself an egomaniac. He didn't want to change. There came a point her hurt me so much that I felt like it was all my fault and I was to blame because he made me feel that way. He once told me, because of my history with my first partner who I was with for 8 years, that the reason men marry younger women is because they're more virginal and impressionable, and that I, because of having a past, am equal to "leftovers".

My sister was the one who precipitated our breakup. He would continue dragging me through his insecurities and accusations and I, stupidly, would allow it. We are no longer. He made himself out to be so loving, caring, and romantic but it was as if two people inhabited his body. Mainly, he was abusive and mean. Never hit me, never would I think he could...but he did hurt me mentally and emotionally. He always told me he wanted to be the victor in our relationship in terms of taking me as a virgin and every other first time experience, he also wanted to introduce to me. All that means to me now is that he was trying to possess me and own parts of me. That is not love.

Thanks again, truly. It helped so much.