Can someone help me locate my lost wallet? :(

hello everyone here’s the chart i casted. last i remember having my wallet was yesterday after i got inside my car with my food. i thought it was in my backpack but it wasn’t so i’m not sure if it’s still in the car or if i brought it down & it’s in my home somewhere. Thanks everyone!


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The same rulers both the 1st and 2nd houses, indicating the possession is still with the querent!
Ruler, Mercury in angular house means the lost object is where it ought to be: nearby, quick and easy to find.
Ruler in mutable sign indicate that wallet is inside the home. Look for it in bathroom or kitchen, near aquarium, near liquids, chemicals, oils (for healing techniques for example). Look also in a bedroom in a closet, or near medicine cabinet or photographic equipment. Look near religious areas at home.
Ruler in 7 house means partner or someone else maybe the one who will find it or who will be involved in finding it, or have seen it or put it somewhere. Look in the partner's room.

Direction: West
Near colour: yellow, white, light color combination, spotted, grey, mixed, violet-red, blue, green