Can someone give me some insight on myself?



Can You guys help me? I really need closure, assurance, reassurance, and possibly a revelation. This is my chart! If you guys can tell me about myself, challenging aspects, and even my life, it would mean a lot. Thank you.


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Blessings be.

Because you have chosen the option to refrain from revealing your birth information, consider using one of the websites which provide free natal readings:

Create your own charts, and play. The Cayce Past Life can be fun. And when your birthday arrives in July, celebrate your completions as well as the rich opportunities which lie ahead.

And if you are brave enough for another look at your life, a look through Hindu/Vedic astrology, here are a couple of sites where you can generate a Hindu/Vedic chart:

As for closure, consider reading the following:

Best wishes.


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Ohh i see a 1998 baby!!
So should we start with that aries ascendant: traditional websites would tell you that you are very headstrong and act like a baby if you dont get your way and have alottt of energy (which can also be true) but that saturn in 1st house tones down all that hyped up aries and makes your outward appearance more conservative and you might get comments like wow you look so different when you smile because saturn in 1st makes you look like a strict capricorn rising
But honey we all know thats definitely not how your feeling on the INSIDE because your a lovely leo inner emotionaly (leo)and your basic moral principles (mercury)and your basic insticts on a day to day basis (sun)when people crack open that saturn rising lol as any astrologer can tell you having a bit of leo can give you that extra sparkle that makes you stand out and makes you quite special. Lifes a party with leo moon you might be quite magnetic have a lot of people admire u and always have followers cuz they trust (moon) that you can be a good leader (leo) to them. Then again you could be a shy leo not quite shy just reserved because well leos in a literal sense dont roar unless they are provoked. You can be a very laid back leo but hear one negative critisism, and no one wants to mess with you again. Leos have a strong backbone. Your mars in cancer in the 4th might cause you to get into unnecessary fights cause they can be touchy and pretty sensitive and it can bring you down from some pretty good moods that leo moon is known for, but if you aknowledge it, you can prolly stop yourself from getting too emotional in a fight and slightly provoking everyone around you. Well i guess i wrote enough lol let me know if any of this gumble mess is who you are 😂 if you want to know more private message me i guess oh good luck graduating this year 😂