Can someone explain to me if there's any significance to my sun in leo semi-squaring my north node in aquarius?


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Just wondering what the meaning of it could be or if theres any significance to it?


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Are we reading the same chart? It looks like your NN is in Libra, not Aquarius. It appears to be 40 degrees from your sun, which is a novile aspect (360/9) of 40 degrees, not a semi-square of 45 degrees of separation. A novile aspect is mildly harmonious.

The bigger issue with our chart is that your NN is closely conjunct your moon. This gives it a "follow your heart" kind of meaning, because the moon indicates your emotional nature, and the NN shows where your growth lies. With the 4th house involved, it's more like, "Home is where the heart is." They're part of a grand cross, however, involving Saturn and Chiron. So just accept a certain amount of heartache as what your soul needs to grow and learn.

Part of being human is experiencing heartache. We all go through it. In your case, however, you have the opportunity to gain in wisdom and experience through it.


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Thanks for your keen eye, waybread.

I would also add that looking over aspects to your NN, I think natal Saturn being conjunct SN and opposite natal Moon exactly conjunct the NN bears serious consideration.