Can somebody read this part of my chart?


heres full chart, idk what it means, just seems like a bunch of shitty aspects


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It's best to post the entire chart, complete with tables, DOB/time/and location. Name is obviously not required for privacy reasons.

Sure, we could calculate/guess your age, but we rather don't. We have more things to do. :smile:

Also, some of us look at patterns in the tables. From experience, some patterns jump out at us. It is like reading a crossword puzzle and we have to connect the dots in our heads to uncover it. Which makes it quicker to do a general interpretation. Plus, some of us have custom software we can use to duplicate the chart with our own software and thereby gain more information about stars, asteroids, etc etc. which are missing in the general charts. Thus we then need the info.

Of course, we could calculate everything we want by hand and do a complete interpretation, but that would days, even weeks, to create something profound and meaningful, which is beyond the scope of a quick interpretation we provide as a free service in this thread.


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Well, that answer can be found on Google. :smile:

Picking something out of context doesn't do you any good. You can look everything up on Google. But the finesse lies in the interpretation, in the experience. Otherwise, you could simply run the software and print out a report. Which some astrologers do. But that report doesn't cover the intricacies of the whole chart and the patterns they suggest. For this, we need the human factor. A human who looks at the whole chart, instead of it's parts.

What is your question?


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Assuming this is a correct birth time*, I get a sense of a lot of anger or irritation around your career and public image. You tend to turn a lot of your anger inward, however, and are apt to brood about injustices and feel resentful. You may feel that you have difficulty in communicating with other people, as well. More positively, with so much Cancer in your chart, you seem like a deeply caring person with a rich imagination.

The 5th house rules hobbies and children, so you may have some leisure activities that you enjoy very much, and be great around children.

*I ask about your birth time because with an ascendant being just a few minutes off a correct birth time could bump it into another sign.