Can some read my friends chart


Can someone interpret my friends chart for me please.

What do you see her chart?


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Sun in House 12 - Whether the life of your friend changes for the better depends on your friend willpower and choice as the first 1/3 of her life is filled with unfortunate incidents

Moon in House 2 - Money is a sensitive issue to her , any talk about this topic is bound to get her defense up

Mercury in House 12 - A risk taker who enjoys dangerous and secretive adventure, ability to study the occult and avoid criticizing others

Venus in House 10 - Financial success in banking, accounting or insurance sector , may exert some political influence

Mars in House 4 - Is very aggressive and is open to express her unhappiness on the home front. She may be highly strung

Jupiter in House 7 - Financial benefits from marriage

Saturn in House 2 - Cash flow issues

Uranus in House 2 - Moments of sudden gain and loss, little or no control of finances

Neptune in House 2 - Big spender, strong potential for financial ruin

Pluto in House 12 - Trouble through anonymous letters

These are the brief interpretations for your friend chart