Can my boss go 'postal'? Pls. help


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I'm serious. There has been major conversations on this issue. He is very angry. Very negative, condescending and the bully type. He has made some very disturbing sexual comments to me. He's also crazy. He was adopted, his father committed suicide and his kids have been in detention centers for violence. Pathological liar. He's been on the 'firing' line before for work ethics, however, due to tenure, it will take an act of 'God' to rid him...... What are your concerns looking at his chart? Also, I do not have his birth time, so I don't know his rising.....

Natal Chart

born on Sa., 21 March 1959
in Jacksonville, FL (US)
Sun - 0 Aries
Moon - 16 Leo
Mercury - 12 Aries rx
Venus - 0 Taurus
Mars - 19 Gemini
Jupiter - 1 Sagitarrius rx
Saturn - 6 Capricorn
Uranus - 12 Leo rx
Neptune - 6 Scorpio rx
Pluto - 2 Virgo rx
Mean Node -13 Libra

Chiron - 25 Aquarius


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Thank you coffee. Interesting about moon in Leo. He also has it conjunct Uranus. His favorite words when he feels threatened are "Bring it on" and "I dare you".

I know he is at the beginning of a transiting Pluto square sun. Yikes. Also Saturn is currently squaring his Jupiter. He is a Pentacoastal fundamentalist. When he first started the job, he carried by his side a book about the apostle Paul and leadership. Written by another fundamentalist.

I was hoping that there is a Scorpion lady in our office, very dynamic, who was going to take him down. She tried through networking with higher ups by letting them know the situation. However he has tenure in the state system for over 20 years.
People are aware of his situation but helpless.

So I have been doing a prayer.
Yes, promotion. Move on, move up, just move! Blessings, tb