Can I be a writer?


I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out this horary chart.

I am a beginner, but that forum seems to be no longer available.

The question I asked was: Can I be a writer?

What I meant was whether I can successfully write books and be published and read. I do not wish for fame and this doesn't have to be my full time occupation, therefore I took H9 as the quesited (house of publishing).

The time of this chart is 28 Jan 2013, 00.52 (Location: London, UK)

First of all I am not sure if this chart can be read, as Saturn is in the 1st, together with the moon being in a very late degree. But if so, my significator is Mars, which happens to be in the 12th house. This, I'm guessing, means that perhaps my wish is based on fantasy and is rather desperate? It is also in the Cadent and Feminine house, and in Detriment, which is also not a good sign.

Then, the quesited significator is the Moon and it is connected to my significator via sextile. They are both aspected by Mercury in the 4th house. Mercury also squares Saturn, which may indicate considerable delays.

Jupiter is in the 9th and in Exaltation, which would be a good sign, but it is Retrograde, so I'm not sure how it affects the overall situation.

Basically, I don’t believe I have a lot of talent for writing, however I was looking for the possible outlet through which to share my ideas with the world, and as I am not artistic at all, I thought writing would be the closest option. This is something I would really like to be good at, but not sure if I should spend too much time on it if it is only a pipe dream. There were times when I could have been writing, but I didn’t, so I guess this may prove it may not be an ideal outlet for me.


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Insert the chart into your post. Instructions for doing that are in a thread in the "Read my Chart" section of this forum.