can astrology solve love problems?


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Yes, love astrology can solve problems in your love relationship. Planet venus can be the reason of success or failure in love life. venus governs men's love prospects and Mars & jupiter governs women's prospetsoflove. However love relationship problem might be in everyone's life but not everyone's problem will continue any longer. However some couples often get problem in their relationshi but if the planets like venus stays in a right house they won't get any big problems. Whereas some couples won't get any problem they might have been living happy for many years until venus go to unsafe house (like 5th house). That time an astrologer can give you some remedies to get rid of the problems.
Some remedies can resolve love problems:
1. To increase husband and wife bond keep tulsi plant at your home.
2. If you go to shiva temple every pradhosha day it will increase the love between husband and wife.