can astrology help to redict the name or gender?

iam totally new to this astrology world and inquistve in knowing too.Well,i was just wondering if astrology can be able to predict the name of the guy to be married?Also,can the gender of the new baby can be predicted earlier through astrology?My friend was informing me that in astrology,the first letter of the guy to whom the girl should be married can be predicted to have the better life.Is it so?If so how?
Pardon me if this question is wrongly posted here or if this doesnot make any sense.:sick:
Thanking you.
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What Astrology Can and Can Not Do

Unfortunately, there is no set formula or signature for marriage or childbirth, although others may disagree, apparently horary and vedic seem confident in this area. There are indicators and potential as there would be with natal, solar return chart but guarantees -- (post 2 & 3 below)

Your chart is a blueprint of your personality, facets and penchants and the whole chart is 'potential' for development. There is nothing guaranteed or fatalistic in charts, I do believe we still do have free will. I also believe we chose our parents and childhood circumstances best suited to learning those Lessons in the best way we can.

I think it's worth bearing in mind that the natal chart, like solar returns is all about 'potential' but as we all know we don't always fulfil that potential do we.

It's like someone saying you can predict death, but with modern medicine and sciences the way they are and the potential to 'die' three times in a life, doesn't mean to say you will does it

I think lots of people have unrealistic expectations about what astrology can and can't do. astrology is an 'art, science and craft' and not clairvoyance either. If there were a formula or signature, don't you think we would ALL be using it?

Predicting marriage and/or having children can be done, but it is not easy, time consuming and intricate. There are lots of things to take into consideration like, secondary progressions, what inter-aspects one chart makes to another, Solar arcs, Solar returns, Transits etc

Symbolic Directions in Modern Astrology – book by

By Charles E. Carter


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Also,can the gender of the new baby can be predicted earlier through astrology?

That can be done through Horary Astrology, but there are some restrictions, like according to Lily I think the woman has to actually be pregnant at the time the question is asked if I read it right. It's a 5th House question.


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well, i don`t think that astrology can predict the name of the marriege partner, no. about the gender, i think according to 5th house related planets and etc you can see some probability of baby gender, but anyway i think you should also study the chart of the partner too as child has two parents:wink:
Well I want to point out that while the sex of a baby might be able to be predicted through astrology, the gender, which is defined not as a body parts, but how someone interacts in society as an embodied person, is something different. That can only be examined and understood, astrologically speaking, by interpreting the natal chart.