Can aspects offset a Moon placed in domicile or exaltation?


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My abusive father, whom I've cut all ties with, has Sun and Moon in Taurus. Taurus is the moon in exaltation, and it would usually be considered an excellent placement for the moon. Moon in Taurus, on its own, usually suggests traits such as loyalty, stability, and amicability. It usually believes in slow and steady and not taking things to extremes. My dad definitely appears to be someone like that at first glance, but when you get to know him better you'll realize he's a lot more emotionally volatile, flighty, confused, and intense than he appears to be. He's not an easy person to get along with, and while he definitely has that "earthy" side to him, he's also very prone to fantasies and delusions regarding his own life and others. He's not nearly as well-grounded as he appears to be.

So I looked up his chart, and I noticed that his Moon tells a more complex story than what the sign alone would normally suggest:

His moon is likely conjunct his sun (I don't know his exact time of birth but he mentioned he was born in the morning, so he could even be a triple Taurus):

Moon Conjunct Venus
Moon Sextile Saturn
Moon Trine Uranus
Moon Opposition Neptune
Moon Trine Pluto

He has eight planets in earth signs, but he's one of the biggest cheaters I've known. He constantly needs to be "the man of the house." He gets duped easily by stuff get get-rich-quick schemes, tends to be a bullshitter who's egotistical and controlling. For all of these reasons, plus the fact he's remarried with a stepdaughter, means that any relationship with him is now in the past tense.

He has a Taurus moon but I feel that due to the influence of the outer planets, especially the opposition to Neptune in Scorpio, it seems that he manifests many of the negative traits of Taurus and Scorpio and he's an emotionally troubled person. He's constantly torn between the physical and the emotional / spiritual.

On the other hand, I have moon in a sign that's not as good for the moon (Aquarius), it's in its house of exaltation (II, Taurus) and it has simpler aspects:

Moon Trine Venus (13.52 Aquarius 11.48 Gemini)
Moon Trine Mars (13.52 Aquarius 14.42 Gemini)
Moon Sextile Ascendant (13.52 Aquarius 18.00 Sagittarius)

It makes no challenging aspects. I've always been more comfortable with my feminine side than my dad, I feel like I have a real love and respect for women and femininity without always needing to be "the boss." I also feel like it's not that difficult for me to feel content, and I don't often get affected by negative emotions for too long. I have a Cancer sun which makes me very caring and sympathetic, and it's really not hard for me to engage with the feminine.

I feel like I don't nearly have as many insecurities as my dad does, I just think about far less (nor do I need to) and I'm happy with what I have. I also tend to not invite much trouble into my life that throws me into emotional turmoil, while my dad's life has been a rollercoaster despite the Taurus moon.

I also cannot completely agree with descriptions of Aquarius moon being cold, detached, and worldly. I definitely have a very cold and detached side when I don't feel at ease with someone or when I've been hurt to the point where I'm simply unwilling to fully trust someone, but I'm actually a very warm and caring person at heart who cares deeply about close relationships. I'm an anarchist at heart and I do believe in humanitarianism to an extent, but I don't have that "great love" in me, and I ultimately care more about people as individuals rather than humanity as a whole. I can come off as odd and eccentric, even prideful, but once I feel like you're worth getting to know, I'd do many things for you to show that I care. I don't "intellectualize" emotions, but it's hard for me to relate to an emotion unless I have a point of self-reference.

I've definitely gone through periods of melancholy, but it's usually hard for me to be down for too long. I have Sagittarius ASC with Jupiter in I, I feel that even with Jupiter in Capricorn it makes me pretty happy-go-lucky most of the time.

So I'm wondering whether negative aspects to the moon from natal planets / Jupiter / Saturn, and / or the outer planets (I feel like both the flowing and challenging aspects to the moon from Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto have the potential to complicate the personality and often not in a positive way) can offset a moon that's placed in dignity (Cancer) or exaltation (Taurus).

Another example could be someone with a sensitive and caring Cancer moon but it has a square from Saturn. Or something like an aspect to Uranus (unpredictable, flighty, free-spirited, eccentric).

Do aspects matter just as much as the moon sign? Say someone has a Capricorn moon but it's trined or sextiled by Venus, or it's aspected by Neptune. In that case, is the Capricorn moon softened?

My dad's Sun, Moon, and Venus all square my Moon. I feel like my Sun forming an exact sextile with his (11 degrees Cancer and 11 degrees Taurus) didn't get too far. He thinks I live in my own world, that I'm dreamy and idealistic (when he's very much like that, but in terms of very different things), I'm odd, while I thought he was too materialistic, sensual, work-oriented, and face-loving.
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