Can anyone recommend a good astrologer for a reading?


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I am looking to get a real reading - I was thinking about nicole hunstman from modern cosmic as I love the way she explains things and I truly think she is gifted but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations?
Hello there! What kind of reading would you be interested in receiving? I know a great reader, specialized in Karmic Astrology readings. Her name is Sylvie Steinbach. Here is a video of her explaining what one may expect from a Karmic Astrology reading:

She is very serious yet welcoming and warm. Straightforward, no confusing "bla bla". Practical approach and predictive.

For Horary readings, I would personally recommend Christopher Warnock. In natal readings he also suggests talismans (if you are into astrological magic).

Hope you find what you are looking for.