calling all aqua ASC ppl born in the late 60s


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Have you been through Pluto sq Pluto, or Nept square Sun/Nept or Pluto sq Uranus yourself? Any advice how to best deal with them, what to expect, when you see this tide subsiding?

Come on, I am sure I'm not the only 40+ person on this board! :eek:

I have Aquarius Asc 1' but not born your generation :love:

Am sure you would get more responses if you posted your chart, as most of us here are visually orientated...

outers making aspects to outers, are only really done with Modern astrologers as Traditional don't use them.

May I suggest you read the 'welcome to the world of astrology’ and other ---sticky' at the top of this forum? It has some great explanations, links etc. At the top of every forum there are lots of ‘stickys’ which explain matters in that forum, along with guidelines & tips

There is a 'plethora' of information on AW, espec in the 'stickys' at the top of every forum, our Education forum and Recommendations forum to. Plus we have a good search feature,[but not foolproof obviously, so try here first] bit like google using keywords – initially select advanced and try just selecting 'titles' rather than posts or you'll get too many threads. If this doesn’t get results then try google