Calculating The Parents' Planets


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These quotes are from another thread, however I did not want to derail the original question. Here are the quotes on calculating the planet for the mother:

Moon is universal significator of Mother.

Venus can also show mother.

And Tenth lord and house.

Traditionally, we can look at the Moon as the general significator for the mother in a night chart and Venus in a day chart. To specifiy exactly which planet represents the mother (for use in solar returns and transits) we look for the planet that has the most dignity in the degree of the 10th house cusp and/or the Lot (Arabic Part) of the Mother.

As a note, this is different from the psychological idea that the Moon will tell you by placement how you perceive your mother and is rather used to pinpoint the planet you would look at to determine what will happen to your mother. As in prediction.

Here is an example; I have a day chart, so automatically we would start with Venus. Venus also happens to have the most dignity at the 10th house cusp and in the Lot of the Mother. (We call this a compound almuten.)

In my most recent solar return, we find Venus in detriment (Scorpio) in the 6th house separating from a conjunction with Saturn and applying to a square with Mars in Leo in the 3rd. Jupiter in the 1st in Cancer blocks the square via a trine, but not by much; Venus still perfects the square to Mars.

Venus separating from Saturn had been recently having silent strokes of which no one was aware until she had one while driving to work (Mars in the 3rd) which brought them to complete visibility (she hit a fire's a long story.) Luckily she wasn't killed and while there is some permanent brain tissue death her medical condition is under control now (Jupiter interfering by trine) and she is making a recovery.

My 2013 SR chart clearly shows what happend to my mother, but only if you know to look at Venus for it.

So I see there are several ways to calculate the mother. In the case of Night vs Day charts what kind of exceptions would make another planet the representation of mother?

How do you calculate the planet for the father? I've read both saturn & the sun can represent the father. Are there other exceptions?

What determines where the parents are represented on the 10th/4th axis?

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Using the Lots (aka "Arabic Parts"):

Father: day birth = ascendant+sun-saturn
night birth = ascendant+saturn-sun

Mother: day birth = ascendant+moon-venus
night birth = ascendant+venus-moon

Using the Lots, the sign the Lot falls in PLUS the lord (dispositor) of that sign, represents the specific parent.