Brother has health problems


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Venus owns the fifth house. Mars owns the sixth. There is conjunction of Mars and Venus in the ninth house in the chart. Saturn is the karaka for illness. It has come to Sagittarius in October/2017. It has entered into close relationship with Mars. Hence the trouble has arisen. In due course it will remain till January end/2020 but remedial measures will help.


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6th house is studied for health issues. In his chart, Ketu and Shani are located there. Here are readings -

Current dasa is for Shani (2010 Jun - 2029 Jun). This may bring health problems as shani sits in 6H.
6HL Mars is in 9H which means his health condition may impact his luck, foreign travel and his father.

For transit shani in Gemini from 26 Oct 2017 - 24 Jan 2020 :
"If Saturn transits to ninth house from natal Moon, you might begin to feel distressed and worried all the time. You may change your job frequently during this period. Chances of long distance travels could form too during this period. To maintain peace of mind, you should practice the path of spirituality consciously. Your expenditure could also shoot up so keep a watch. You might feel the job market to be very competitive too. Some issues with children and spouse may also persist."

Hope he gets well soon.


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Vimshottari dasha
Saturn dasha - saturn in 6th house of health. Placed with ketu.

Venus bhukti.
Venus placed with mars 6L .
Venus in nakshatra Shatabisha ( 100 physicians). Planets in this nakshatra often give health symptoms that require some searching for wellbeing. Soul searching as well.

Jaimini Chara dasha.
Dasha of scorpio from 2018- jan 2021.
Scorpio is 6th house holding 2 malefics.
Scorpio aspected by jupiter GK ( health issues) rashi aspect.
This chara dasha gives some health issues obviously.

Remedies might help.