Boston Marathon Bombing


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I have found a more complete transcript of what was said in reading 2011-3.'s everything I found, as follows.

"...the entity was put in command of the presentations for the associations in the land of Saad and the Golden City, and the Mongolian land. For to these three, the entity was sent to act as an interpreter of the various groups . . . [the "dots" . . . are from what is in the published transcript, they are not my doing, as I know I have become very well known to write in this manner...thank you. ptv] The interest of the entity in . . . astrology arises from that sojourn; also in [things] pertaining to buildings, geometrical signs, symbols, pictures, things that illustrate . . . for the Egyptian and the Persian records are quite varied [at variance] . . . if the entity would study astrology, do not put the signs in the Egyptian calendar, but in the Persian. For the Persian interpretations are more proficient than the Egyptian. This is not to belittle the efforts of the entity, nor of the Egyptians in those periods, but the variations in time have been corrected by the Persians, and not by the Egyptians. The Egyptian calculations are thirty degrees off. [one sign]" [Italics are either the authors or from the transcript. ptv]

So, Cayce said that the Persians calculations were more proficient than the Egyptians...but He didn't say they were of absolute correctness. As to the last sentence, the ref. to the Egyptian calculations being thirty degrees off. One has to consider if Cayce meant to what is the reality of the situation or whether He meant as to the more proficient Persian Calculations, which Cayce didn't give any certification of absolute correctness.

As Cayce had stated "Two signs off", in reading 5755-1, this along with what all I just posted and derived from reading 2011-3 results in the author Margaret Gammons summation...and gives me the same cause... for the reasons summate that the question is moot.

As Margaret wrote: "The Persian calendar and the Zodiacal signs are supposed to be the most accurate." ... Let me point out the words, "...the most...", not "the accurate", but more so. Of course that is that authors opinion. But that is what I get from reading what Cayce said as well.

Do be too disappointed though, you're on to something...I think you have a much better grasp on the Zodiacal situation than most astrologers...maybe the best grasp...I can't say....and can't say you have it fully in your hands as yet, either.

Good Sleuthing, and may God speed!
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One last to be absolutely clear.
Cayce said "two signs off" in the aforementioned reading...and no matter how one may try to ''stretch it", 30 degrees off can never be more than ONE SIGN OFF.
That's why I wrote that it is apparently in reference to the MORE ACCURATE Persian efforts and not to the reality of the situation...and now that I think about it, it couldn't have meant to the reality of the situation.

Apparently the question isn't "moot", after all.

I'm 'sign-ing off' as well...
Good night all.


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First Suspect is dead. Second suspect still on the loose. How would a chart be drawn to see any type of indication of where he is?

Many explosives apparently found in multiple homes in Watertown, MA.

USING THE 2:50PM event chart - this major event in a lifetime becomes the initial birth chart of all future events - like a nativity born of a new life - in this case the birth of a terrorist. all events in life for those involved follow this "activation" event.

Draw conclusion of where and what that follows from life changing event chart. (Same as how we use birth chart)
- 9th house cusp mars and sun in aries - mercury in 8th house 23 degrees to east direction (intepreted as 2.3 degrees) (could also be 23 minutes driving relatively speaking)
the boston site was 2.3 degrees from watertown. 6.5 pisces local degree to 9 pisces watertown - found hiding in boat (pisces significant) Scorpio and uranus at 9 degrees.

neptune close 7th cusp indicates proximity of religious motivation and partners
Neptune within 1 degree of 7th - living within 1 degree of bombing -
(brother/partners in this case - (c/b local cleric 'idealism' encouraging action)
mercury square ceres in cancer - parents clueless to actions of sun, believed good boy, not capable, angry at USA for killing boy who had bombs on him in escape attempt) - what really happened for second to get away on foot.
- police should have known he was close by - "they missed the boat"
- stopped all people in large area and all transport for large area of northeast - Unreal mercury uranus events - Now they are going to say boston is great, police are wonderful. Our poor firefighters, and pro-ignorance, patriotism, no real feeling for the harmed and maimed. God help us again.

The moon in chart gemini (brothers) ruling the 11th cancer shows a signature of 'foreign born" family and ideals - ceres square mercury in chart 1 degree so mercury degree 1 indicates mobility action at home (building more bombs and weapons of defense which they used later in week)

Mercury was ruler of 1st and 8th (aries scorpio)and saturn in scorpio qx. uranus in aries mercury conjunct uranus was culimination event on capture date 4/20
the sol 60th harmonic was conj merc uranus at 9 aries at hour of capture
- see paneagle notes for more.


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Notice (in the posted sidereal chart) that the always-sinister Dragon's Tail is the most elevated factor in the chart(posited in sidereal Aries as well!), and that the Nodes themselves are atmakaraka (ie, the planet or other active factor in a given chart which has the highest degrees in any sign; Jaimini Vedic astrology considers atmakaraka to be especially significant, or the most "special", factor in any chart)

Interesting Dr Farr.

I notice that the suspect was found hidden in a boat.

In the posted sidereal chart, the transiting Moon was in sidereal cancer (boats),
in the 12th house (hidden things).

At the time of finding yesterday evening transiting moon was in that location

squaring that mentioned elevated dragontail Ketu in aries within a degree I Think.

( In last post I said that the older brother was a technical student. This is wrong. He wanted to be an engineer
is more correct.)
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Some of you all may also want to consider that Uranus conjuncted the USA natal charts' [zero hour chart] Part of Liberty aka Part of Personal Liberty @ 09* Aries 37' 25" at 12:10:08 am on April 18th EDST.

Please note that in 1865 on May 13th, just four days after the C.S.A formally surrendered to the U.S.A., Neptune conjuncted the Part of Liberty and also on that day were a number of notable astro events which I've made a note of on the chart attached for that event.
Pluto was conj. the USA natal Part of Retribution [Asc + :sun: - :mars:] @ 13* :taurus: 14' 47" and then Part of Slander [Asc. +:saturn: - :neptune:] @ 13* :taurus: 52' 10"

Mars was conjunct the Part of Damage aka Part of Misunderstanding [Asc. + :neptune: - :mars: ...In a persons natal chart this must mean "Physical Damage" as Uranus conj. my natal Part on March 31st, 2012 during the night and I had to be rushed to the hospital upon awakening with diverticulitis and was given immediate surgery. My Part of Surgery is less than 24' of a degree more from that.]
@23* :cancer: 00' 46"
Mars was also conjunct the Part of Tragedy/Fatality [Asc. + :saturn: - :sun:] @ 23* :cancer: 38' 09" soon afterwards

Jupiter was conjunct the Part of Distress aka Part of Sickness [Asc. + :mars: - :saturn:] @ 27* :sagittarius: 35' 43" and the Part of Peril [Asc. + R8th - :saturn:] also the same as the above as Mars is the ruler of the 8th house of the USA natal chart.

In fact there are a number of parts that Jupiter conj. in 1865 beginning @ apprx. 15* :sagittarius: 30' on Jan 1st and to apprx.10* :capricorn: 20' on the last day of 1865, conj. the M.C. of the USA natal chart on Jan 6th, 1866. starting with the Part of Exile aka Part of Confidence [Asc. + :uranus: - :saturn:] @ 15* :sagittarius: 35' 35", the Part of Kings & Royalty aka the Part of Rulers aka Part of Disassociation [Asc. + :moon: - :mars:] @17* :sagittarius: 25' 56"the part of Hidden Identity aka Part of Oration [Asc. + :saturn: - :moon:] @ 19* :sagittarius: 27' 00", The Part of Friends aka Part of Dramatization [Asc. + :moon: - :uranus:] in the 30th degree of Sag., the Part of Divorce [Asc. + :venus: - C7th]in the 3rd deg. of Cap., the Part of Termination aka Part of Occultism [Asc. + :uranus: - :neptune:] in the 8th deg. of Cap., the Part of Repression [Asc. + :saturn: - :pluto:] in the 9th deg. of Cap., and soon after in 1866 conj. the Part of Brethren [Asc. + :jupiter: - :saturn:] in the 13th deg. of Capricorn

Chiron was in the 19th degree of Pisces, for which the Sabian Symbol is "The Master Instructing the Disciple" [which is the degree I believe Yeshu'a/Jesus of Nazareth had as his Part of Fortune].

...all Parts mentioned and the Signs and degrees are noted on the attached chart for May 13, 1865

Charts attached: Uranus conj. USA P.o. Liberty, 2013 & Neptune conj. P.o. Liberty 1865


  • Uranus conj USA natal P.o. Liberty April 18, 2013. [corrected]jpg.jpg
    Uranus conj USA natal P.o. Liberty April 18, 2013. [corrected]jpg.jpg
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  • Neptune conj. USA natal Part of Liberty May 1865 with notes gif..jpg
    Neptune conj. USA natal Part of Liberty May 1865 with notes gif..jpg
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As to further evidence that the zero hour chart is the correct one to consider is that the Part of Racial Consciousness aka Part of Galvanization [Asc + :moon: - :pluto:] of that chart is @ 10* :taurus: 45' 14" and that the Part of Hope aka Part of Integrity {Asc. + :mercury: - :jupiter:] is @ 10* :taurus: 13' 51".

Pluto conj. the Part of Racial Consciousness on June 18th 1861 [when it first entered the exact same Zodiacal degree. Pluto was within one degree of exact conj. on June 8th], Pluto went retrograde @ 10* :taurus: 27 on Aug. 9th '61, left that degree in retro on Oct 2nd '61, re-entered direct on May 9th '62, conjunct the Part exactly on June 8th '62.

Pluto left the degree in direct motion also in June '62 returned in retro in Oct '62, left the degree in retro in Nov. '62, returned direct March '63 with an exact conj. April 26th '63 and leaving direct in May '63.

Pluto once again returned into the 11th degree of Taurus in retro in Nov. '63 then went direct @ 10* :taurus: 22' on Jan 24th '64, exact conj on March 10th '64 leaving March 26th '64. ON Jan 24th Pluto in retrograde then went direct @ 11* :taurus: 19' ...within one degree of orb to an exact conj. with the Part of Racial Consciousness. It left the one degree orb in direct motion on April 29th '64.

Pluto returned to within one degree of exact conj. on Dec 4th '64 in retrograde. It went direct @ 11* :taurus: 19' on the 24th of Jan '65 leaving the one degree orb of conj. on March 15th, 1865.

Pluto conjuncted the USA natal charts' [zero hour chart] Part of Retribution [Asc. + :sun: - :mars:] @ 13* :taurus: 14' 47" just a short time afterward.

That was followed by a conj. to the USA's Part of Slander aka Part of Timidity [Asc. + :saturn: - :neptune:] @ 13* Taurus 52' 10" [and the Part of Art, for what that's worth, Asc. + :mercury: - :venus:] @ 13* :taurus: 46' 26"

As you can see Pluto was ALL OVER THAT PART about the entire course of the "Civil War" here in the States....retribution was to follow...
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I should also mention that the USA natal chart [zero hour] Part of Love & Appreciation [Asc. + :venus: - :sun:] is @ 11* :aries: 04' 48" and its' Part of Increa$e & Benefit$ [$$$... Asc + :jupiter: - :sun:] is @ 14* :aries: 37' 23".

There is also a Part called the Part of Disappointment aka Part of Obligation aka Part of Fulfillment that for this zero hour chart of the USA natal is @ 10* :aries: 09' 04" ...during Uranus' last pass over that ,in the 1930s, the U.S.A. instituted Social Security [Obligation, Fulfillment...!!! Disappointment...!?!?!] and the States currency system went off the Gold Standard and immediately afterward did enjoy a long session of $$$ prosperity due to entering the World War and rebuilding the nations of our foes and those of our allies that suffered. {although in our defense I believe We did spend a lot on foreign aid...only I can't say HOW or WHERE any of that was actually spent.}

Uranus was @ 14* :aries: 42' on Jan 24th 1848 the day Gold was discovered in Calif. ...just 05' give or take some seconds of a degree overshot of a perfect conj., it had done that on the 18th. Just five days earlier.


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One last thing in regard to the Civil War era. Natal Uranus for the USA zero hour chart is @ 08* :gemini: 53' 06" [and it may interest a few of you that a chart I've been championing as the natal birth chart of Yeshu'a/Jesus from April 2, 003 C.E. Gregorian Calendar[or A.D., if you will is @ 08* :aries: 12' 30".]

The first Uranus Return for the USA natal chart was June 16th 1860. It conj. it retro. on Dec. 29th 1860 and again direct on March 31st 1861 [When the birth of Yeshu'a according to my proposed chart and by the Greg. Calendar was April 1, 003 C.E.] The Civil War began April 12th, 1861, just 13 days later.
Uranus conj. the USA natal Mars @ 20* :gemini: 53' 14" on June 30, 1863 [the Battle of Gettysburg was the next day, July 1st 1863] after having gotten to 20* :gemini: 42' on Sept. 25th, 1862. It nearly made an exact conj. one more time on the 27th of Feb. in 1864 when it went direct @ 21* :gemini: 01'.


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Some of you may now understand why I have written that I believe there may be a very good chance that the USA and Uranus are...

"Sharing Something Special"


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On the day Lincoln was assassinated, April 15th, 1865:

Mercury was conj. the USA natal Part of Slander aka Part of Timidity [Asc. + :saturn: - :neptune:] @ 13* :taurus: 52' 10" and then the Part of Fascination aka Part of Perversion [Asc. + :venus: - :uranus:] @ 14* :taurus: 50' 10".
In the days immediately preceding Mercury conj. the USA natal part Discord, the Part of Racial Consciousness and, just a few hours before the assassination, the Part of Retribution

Venus was conj. the USA natal Part of Individuality aka the Part of Intellectuality[Asc. + :sun: - :uranus:] @ 25* :taurus: 14' 55".

Mars was, just past, from 1 to 2* of conj. with the natal Jupiter, apprx. 3* from a conj. with the natal I.C. and about 4* from a conj. with the natal Sun and...
Mars was conj. the Part of Malignancy [Asc. + :neptune: - :jupiter:] @ 08* :cancer: 07' 42",
Mars, soon after, conjuncted the Part of Corruptness aka Part of False Love [Asc. + :neptune: - :venus:] @ 11* :cancer 40' 17" and the Part of Faithfulness aka Part of Stability [Asc. + :saturn: - :mercury:] @ 11* :cancer: 46' 01".

Jupiter went retrograde that day @ 29* :sagittarius: 01', just some 25' of a degree to an exact conj with the USA natal Part of Friends aka the Part of Dramatization [Asc. + :moon: - :uranus:] @ 29* :sagittarius: 26' 04".

Saturn @ apprx. 27* :libra: 07' was some 6* 40' past a conj. with the USA natal Desc. @ 21* :libra: 29' 33" and had made a Saturn return @ 14* :libra: 47' 04", on Nov. 23rd, 1863, in retro on April 3rd, 1864, and again direct on Aug. 19th 1864.

Uranus @ 26* :gemini: 12' was within a one deg. orb of conj. to the USA natal Part of Suicide [Asc. + C8th - :neptune:] @ 25* :gemini: 37' and had just moved beyond being within one degree of orb of conj. to the USA natal Part of Imprisonment [Asc. + :parsfortunae: - :neptune:] @ 24* :gemini: 45' 48" [which...btw.. follows the pattern of the Hermetic Lots. As to those Hermetic Lots of Necessity, Asc. + :parsfortunae: - :mercury:, Lot of Courage, Asc. + :parsfortunae: - :mars: and the Lot of Nemesis aka Part of Sudden Advancement, Asc. + :parsfortunae: - :saturn:. The Hermetic Lots that fall in between those use a formula of Asc. + {Venus or Jupiter } - Part of Spirit/Soul, for which reason I believe Uranus and Pluto must be included as well.]

Neptune was @ 08* :aries: 40' was within one degree of orb conj. to the USA's Part of Transformation and the Part of Liberty.

Pluto was @ 12* :taurus: 20' within one deg. or orb to the USA's Part of Retribution {Asc. + :sun: - :mars:] @ 13* :taurus: 14' 47".

Chiron was in the 18th deg. of Pisces @ apprx. 17* :pisces: 05' and conj. the USA natal charts' Part of Catastrophe [Asc. + :uranus: - :sun:] @ 17* :pisces: 44' 11" and the Part of Intelligence/Skill [Asc. + :mars: - :mercury:] @ 17* :pisces: 52' 11" .

The Sabian Symbol for the 18th deg. of Pisces by Dane Rudhyar's book on the Sabian Symbols, "An Astrological Mandala", is:


KEYNOTE: The collective appeal of a well-staged and exciting display of skill and/or oratory.

...what takes place is the use of personal achievement and conviction to bring a crowd to a state of enthusiasm sufficient to make it forget its boredom with everyday routine or its familiar sins of commission or omission. ... ...the individual person and the collectivity are brought together in a significant performance which subtly strengthens the communal spirit directly or indirectly. The implication of the symbol, whenever it is found operating, is that the time has come for the individual to dare to present himself and his works to his community for applause, or for the purpose of attracting a following. What is suggested is [and in Rudhyar's keyword{s} of summation] PUBLIC SELF-DRAMATIZATION."

I pray I have made a point in all these last many posts of mine... use a July 4th 1776 Philadelphia, Penn. zero hour chart [i.e. 12:00:01 am] for the natal of the USA.

[I had hoped to get away without having to write anything today...this has taken from 9 to 10 hrs. of research and typing, although I did also post some stuff at for a penny, in for a pounding.... HA! I fooled myself again!]
Hold on to FREEDOM! ptv

...a lil appropriate music...
Lee Michaels [live] "Hold On To Freedom"
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On the day Lincoln was assassinated, April 15th, 1865: etc...
your probably like me - too much. keep to the high points.

The fact is we must see america over zealous, jihadists, governments, et all...over extending and invasive. This is always the big problem.

The 2nd bomber was found in the boat - probably been there half conscious
all day - the police missed finding him - then then shut down everything - how he got away on foot and they selected a multi-stare shutdown instead of
finding him - of course they won't listen to Astrologers, or Spiritualists, it's all patriotism and pride and tunnel vision.

Then we have the 4/20 rally and multi-thousands of Potters light up at 4:20,
a mushroom cloud of smoke, and 20 mins later 2 idiots shoot into the crowd, but no real word on news about tracking them or much about the event - these 2 harmed an otherwise good natured thing and should be put in jail for a major crime.

Shooting into a crowd could easily cause major injuries to crowd -
Now here's the joke side = except they were all stoned, and just said "what tha hay?


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I would like to know what is it with the US and April?

Virginia Tech
Lincoln Assassination
Boston Bombing...

I feel as we should just skip April and move on to May.


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Does your hair hang low, can you throw it over your shoulder like a Continental Soldier?
Does your hair hang low?


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Just an observation, as to what it means...I don't know.

In ref. to my post in #53 [Huh?...the year I was order number at "In & Out Burgers" today, also. ...curious synchronicty...] about Lincoln's assassination.
Todays blog at the Mountain Astrologer, ,brought to my attention that the Sun/Mars conj., on April 17th, was @ 28* Aries 08', and were parallel in declination, and the writer, Mary Plumb's comment that she has a sensitive point in her natal chart at 28* Libra.

I noted that on April 15th in 1863 that Saturn, by the Tropical reckoning, was at 27* Libra 07'.

The Sidereal adjustment, from that time, would now be what...about a skosh more than 2 degrees?

Might there be a sensitive point for the USA somewhere right around there, as well?
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I hate to do this and I do apologize to all the members here at awforum, but this thing is kicking around in my head.

I hope that new member "haj" is still with us and checking in...[mia culpa].
haj, if you are still with us, your comment that Cayce said in 1936 that "We" have entered the Age of Aquarius has caused me to do a lot of thinking about the subject. I do recall somethings about that statement from the Cayce readings, but after some 50 years of reading material on Cayce it does tend to get blurred in my mind as to where, when and in what book I read, or where I heard a lecture, or discourse, ...etc. ...and don't quite recall that a year was given or what year that statement was made. I'll give you the benefit of any doubt [Said "doubt" being my own inadequate memory.], as you might be correct but mostly just for the sake of expediting the advancement of astrological knowledge and understanding and say, 'Okay, the year WAS 1936'.

Which leads me to this...
I can't readily find or get the info [if it has been made public or may be made so] as to exact dates reading numbers 2011-3 and 5755-1 were actually given. If I can get the dates and do find that 2011-3 is in, or pre, 1936 and 5755-1 is in, or post, 1936 then that would definitely give very solid credibility to your postulate.

[Do try to understand that I have never met the person that did understand dates given by Cayce for matters pertaining to Astrology. Almost everyone I know or ever have met claims that Cayce gave four different dates for the birth of Jesus/Yeshu'a of Nazareth...when, in fact, Cayce only gave one date. The other three dates people insist that Cayce gave are in fact statements to the that Cayce says the birth wasn't on those dates. That of Jan. 6th being the most common. It is somewhat difficult for most all folks to fully understand a good deal of what Cayce said due to the rather stilted form of speaking He used when in trance. Cayce was even requested that He use a more colloquial form of speaking, at one time I know of, so as to understand Him better. Cayce replied; "Better ye thy understanding." Which you probably know, but I'm writing here anyways for the others that may read I also did when I wrote what I did concerning those 'channeled sources' it wasn't some attempt to belittle you or your knowledge about Edgar Cayce. [although it wouldn't have surprised me if you hadn't as most people know very little about the man, Edgar, himself.]

From what I know about the "ayanamsa", that is still an unresolved issue as to what it precisely is and as most that utilize it presently believe it to be about 24 or 25 degrees, difference from the Tropical accounting, I must say I am somewhat impressed by your deductions and having the audacity to stick your neck out and go so, 'maverick' and, contrary to the majority of Siderealists in respecting the Cayce material. [...even if it is the author, Redd's, work. Which I don't know and of whom and his work I know nothing about.] If this can all be determined you may actually have the answer, given that it may be within 50" of a degree of exactness. [Close enough for horseshoes and me...if I may be a bit glib?]

I'd like to end this post with a thought.
My Part of Astrology [as it is called, Asc.+ :mercury: - :uranus:] is @ 29* :leo: 48' 28", i.e. the 30th degree of Leo. From Dane Rudhyar's book on the Sabian Symbols, "An Astrological Mandala":


KEYNOTE: The realization by the individual that all thoughts and all messages are inevitably to be shared with all men.

Coming as it does as the end of this tenth scene and linked with the last degree of the zodiacal sign, Leo, this symbol seems at first quite puzzling; when it has been thought of as an isolated symbol, its essential meaning has not been apparent. The fact that a letter is unsealed does not imply a trust that other people will not read its contents, but rather the idea that the contents are for all men to read. The letter contains a public message in the sense that when man has reached the stage of true mental repolarization and development — which we see in the very first symbol for Leo — he has actually become a participant in the One Mind of humanity. Nothing can really be hidden, except superficially and for a brief time. What any man thinks and deeply realizes becomes the property of all men. Nothing is more senseless than possessiveness in the realm of ideas. If God speaks to a man, Man hears the word. Nothing can remain permanently "sealed."

As this thirtieth sequence of five symbols ends, it is made clear to us, and particularly to the inherently proud Leo type, that all that takes form within the mind of a man belongs to all men. Communication and SHARING must always prevail over the will to glorify oneself by claiming sole possession of ideas and information."
[Extra bolding of font type and Italics in the last paragraph are my doing. ptv]

I am in humble and eager expectedness of your reply. Siincerely, Dave aka ptv.
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