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Hi astrologers,
I am interested in learning vedic astrology. Can anyone recommend me some books? Kindly give the names of both basic books and that of higher levels.
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Nakshatra wise I would recommend The Nakshatras The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology by Dennis M. Harness, Ph.d with introduction by Dr. David Frawley.


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Are you coming from Western astrology? If so, there are some good intro texts which can help you make a transition. They are not good to be able to do vedic only, to help you change your head-set:

James Braha: Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer.

Again this is not a text to make you a Vedic Astrologer. Its only a way to get started in making the transistion. Sort of like the books about Apple System 10 for Windows XP users.


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I am an Indian by birth, by spirit and by tradition.

Then you are clearly not in need of Braha's book. However, perhaps some others who are not of your persuasion are.
I, myself, do not normally incarnate in the WEST, but in this life I did, along with some friends of long standing through many lives who did also, such as Kt Boehrer.

dr. farr

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Beginning level:
-"Elements of Vedic Astrology", 2 volumes: K.S. Charak
-"Bhrigu Sutram:, trans. G.S. Kapoor

Advanced studies:
-"Vimsottari & Udu Dasas", Sanjay Rath
-"Predict Comprehensively through Divisional Charts", V.P. Goel
-"Dots of Destiny: Application of Ashtakavarga", V. Aditya
-"Ashtakavarga", Patel & Aiyar
-"Mystical Formulae: Vol 1-Mantras; Vol 2-Yantras", K.T. Shubhakaran


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Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I will certainly some or all of these.

Other senior and respectable members may kindly reply.

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There are plenty of entry level books to choose from including those recommended earlier.

I would suggest books from:

G S Kapoor, J Bhasin, D S Mathur to begins with.
Try to find books from Ramkrishna Bhat, Muthuswami (a mega 2 vol set)

(Don't start with B V Raman, Gayatri Devi Vasudeo, K N Rao, Sanjay Rath, V K Chowdhari etc)

One book that I wholeheartedly recommend is:

Ganesh Hora Shastram' vy S. Ganesh.
This is a two volume set focusing on 12 houses, planets wihtin it and house lord in different houses. A very detailed book,worth buying.

This book is available from 'Sapana Book Stall,Bangalore' they do have online shopping facility , cost is around Rs 600.

In US this can be had from

Hope this helps