Blast from my past? is this some kind of fate?


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Hi Friends,

I recently had an encounter with a man I met in a aol chatroom years ago back in the 90's. It was a long distanced relationship, but he was the voice at the other end of many e-mails that helped me through a very difficult time in my life. He helped me through my father getting very sick and passing, and helped me realize that the boy I was dating in high school was abusive, and not worth my time.

My sister recently had been diagnosed with cancer, and it really made me think a lot about him. I was curious about him and so I chose to look him up on facebook, since it seems like everyone has a facebook account these days. I found him, and he said he always wondered about me too.

Long story short -- We reconnected and are once again writing e-mails... not as often when we were teenagers... but every couple weeks when we both get a chance to write. He is happily married with a family, and so am I.

I am curious to know any insight anyone might have when looking at our composite chart. I noticed that his lilith conjuncts my north node, and that his Mars & Moon conjunct my Jupiter.. via synastry. His Jupiter also conjuncts my Saturn. I met this man in a chatroom when we were both teenagers. It was completely by chance, and almost 20 years later we still write like we never lost contact. It feels fated in some way, in a way I can't describe, because I feel no jealousy or anything like that towards his wife. I am trying to figure out whether the stars indicate what the purpose of our connection is.

I also enclosed his chart and mine, as well as the composite. I am the Gemini, he is the Libra.

Many Thanks!


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hi moonfiregoat

the composite chart has a most powerful pattern for therapeutic assistance.
I have coined a term, pyramid pattern for half of a grand sextile.
I noyur composite ths is made up of moon opposed to Neptune with the moon trime to pluto and setile to the Jupiter/mercury conjunction. this pattern is often found among people who are in counseling or health care( not usually doctor$) or a lessor degree financial or education connections can be present.

this pattern gives a preternatural understanding and compassion. it has a strong healing affect both psychologically and physically and is can be found in psychic healers among others such as chiropractors and aura cleansers.
here with mercury conjunct to Jupiter, the emphasis is on mental understanding and counseling. this is a two way street so I assume you had a great affect on him also .

with Uranus square to mercury and Jupiter there is an added astral/psychic connection between you such as knowing each others thoughts and even having common dreams. visions of each other.

the strength of the pyramid pattern is such that even a potentially deceptive aspect such as the Neptune/Saturn square in this chart, manifest as a spiritual connection between you rather than a disingenuous connection.
the sun/moon midpoint is square to pluto with indicate influences from past lives . I would guess you and he had some type of healing practice in a past life .
the venus/mars midpoint is conjunct to the sun/moon midpoint and square to pluto also, so I would add that you and he were lover or married in a past life, that is part of why you an he feel so familiar and comfortable with each other.
the Jupiter/juno midpoint is also conjunct the other two midpoints. this pretty much cements tht you were married in a past life.
with pluto square to these 3 midpoints,i would quess that some morbid occurrence or death separated you then. but with the amazing healing powers of this composite , it is hard not to assume you have some unfinished business in this life.

thank you for sharing, this has taught me a few things also:happy:



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I think all the right basics are there for instant compatibility.

-Sun : Libra/Gemini.
-Moons: both in fire.
-Mercury: Scorpio/Taurus

And this method of communicating with people at a distance probably feels very comfortable to you as well, due to your natal mercury/uranus opposition.


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Thank you so much for responding. I have been very, very busy lately.

Rahu. That is AMAZING!! Even though I have never actually met him... when I look at his picture, and I look into his eyes... I feel as if I have known him for a long time, and I feel a certain compassion and caring towards him. Thank you so much for sharing all of your wisdom with me. I am going to spend a day just thinking about what you wrote, because it makes so much sense to me. Thank you!

Ashriia.. That is a very good point. Thank you!