Black Moon Lillith


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This is an intense thread. I don't know much about BML, but the story is interesting, and some of the related issues have come up in my life. I'm not a man-hater though..

I have BML in the 12th house in Taurus, within a degree of my Ascendant. It's also in a close opposition to Pluto, trine Neptune and sextile Mercury/Mars.


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You make some valid points Nightsky. With regards to pride, I know what you mean with that one, however it goes deeper than that because Lilith's behaviour is sometimes far from being proud or involve pride in the normal context. Sometimes Lilith is anti-pride, stubborn yes rebellious yes although perhaps with a tinge of anarchy to ones normal defense and assertive systems. It can be like compensating for the darkness or empitness. To express something rather than nothing in order to have a sense of identity-ego in the scheme of things. Try researching the borderline personality type for women and the anti social personality for men.

I have indeed attracted many Lilith type women in my life. Over 7 different longer term relationships. The transference issues with my Mother playing out in my relationships has been a part of my experiencial learning. I know that has also been a selfish process and probably why I pick these types. I have had enough self interest to survive by wanting to be myself.

Invariably that means spending time living alone. I am ok with that. When I feel attracted to the opposite sex I look for any signs of Lilith in that person. I could easily have that kind of lilith relationship now because I know how to be my natural self and not interested in the "subjugating" you describe. But why bother? Who needs another learning experience?

Perhaps my ideal partner is a more evolved lilith woman. Then again one can never underestimate the complex inginuity of Lilith and her shrewdness.

best to you


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this thread is very insightful and interesting. i have always wondered what my bml represented in my life.. especially since it has a powerful placement in my chart. my blackmoon lillith is in scorpio conjunct my pluto and juno in scorpio all of which are in the first house. she sextiles my uranus and mercury which are conjunct in capricorn, third house. she also squares my true node in 4th house aqua. and trines my ninth house chiron.

that is alot of information, i know. the most important aspect i think is the first house scorpio conjunction with pluto and juno... does this mean i am unfit for relationships?

looking back, i can see how the sextile between lillith and my third house uranus and mercury played out in my life. the relationship between my siblings and i was very tense a few years ago. about eight years ago my father was layed off from his job, whereafter i became the new parent and authority. this went on for about five years until i really began resenting my parents, and siblings... not because i had to take care of them, but because my parents never allowed me to have any freedoms of my own... as a result, i would randomly and suddenly explode (uranus) into quarrels (mercury) over power and control (feeling as if i had so little in my life) with my siblings, because i was not allowed express myself or confront my parents on the issue.

anyway, any insight or interpretation of these aspects would be very much appreciated... would any of you happen to have similar aspect? if so how have they played out?


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Hello Windwispers

It does sound like a Pluto-Lilith to me. PLuto-Lilith can bring gusts of anger and the like that seem 'Uranic'; its just lilith. It is best to keep lilith simple and in your case Pluto seems to be the main conduit for her prescence. I rarely find that the sextiles and trines play any part in Lilith however it can represent how Lilith "touches" other chart points and that she is a kind of focal point for other aspect patterns etc. In your case it would be important to look at the way Pluto-Juno plays out and then Pluto-BML as to differentiate them. It is like my Chiron-Moon-Lilith in that they get so entwined and will seem a bigger kind of entity rather than differentiating the three with meaning. One can regulate a knee jerk reaction if the sequence or pattern is identified.


Sag Moon

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I have BML=Asc Cancer and I do not see my mother hating me nor do I hate anything as I always thougyht it was a very bad emotion.To nderstand is most important for me.

It maybe those having it conjunct something need to deal with some kind of negative understanding of something.

Any object can be used in the negative or positive .AS fr myself it could relate to some type of healing process wither of myself or others .

I have it opposing my Ju 7th and have had hatred directed torwards me,but always thought it wmotuion f the weak instead f the strong as it is much easier to hate then to find undersanding of others.

AS I mentioned every body or point has both a positive and negative charge to it.One decides what they pick to use.

In todays wold it seems many have picked up on the ne


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Hello Sag Moon, BML in cancer is different than BML=Moon. I dont think I said anything about my mother hating me. I dont really go along with hate and lilith although there are elements of predjudice to Lilith.

I agree Lilith is a difficult one to understand. If Lilith is in close conjunction with your Asc then that may work through the physical side. Either outwardly in your appearance and the way you might attract others with a persona of intensity (sexual or otherwise). It may also relate to a more somatic ingestion of Lilith and has a physical effect in some circumstances?

Picasso and Stephen Sonheim both have BML on the ascendant. Perhaps they also developed the positive potential of Lilith or were capable of that. I would think there is an element of Lilith in Picasso's artwork.

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Night Sky said:
Kingsley thanks for sharing.

I see Lillith Moon, because i have sextile, but maybe this might also be Pluto opposite moon too.

There is something that doesn't want to allow anyone to tell her what to do. The love that is there is not unconditional. The condition is that you subjugate yourself to her, that you show yourself to be beneath her.

I see this in my sister, she looks for boyfriends who are weak, and who she can be superior to and it always works out badly for her, because she must be ABOVE.

Lillith is about sexual inequality. There is nothing sharing about this. In some ways i see this similar to Pluto. Pluto wants power, born out of fear.

Black moon Lillith wants power born out of pride.

Does it lead to good relations... to want to dominate someone...? Kinsley I ask you how do other women figure in your life... do all women act out BML for you? I think that Moon would signify mother, but maybe human relations can work ok through the 7th house and its ruler... or maybe Lillith has positives?
I don't think Black Moon Lilith wants power born out of pride. Power born out of INSECURITY is a better description. She was humilated and put down by males. Because of that she was angry and resentful. I felt the same way because of Adults. I was angry and resentful, but I was also insecure and weak. Lilith is insecure and weak. Because of this, Lilith needs to let go. Let go of the past and move on. I needed my Fiancee to let me let go. Lilith needs to find a male that is not the Status Quo. Lilith needs to find a male that cares. That will give for Lilith. And Lilith needs to understand that whilst that male is giving. She can't be oppressive and take advantage. Though Lilith herself may feel tempted too because that's what Adam did to her. Will Lilith grow out of her fears and insecurities? I believe so. Because I was about to grow out of Lilith's oppression when she was inside of my Aquarius. She helped me grow. I have to return the favor

BTW:BML is within 2 degrees(a conjunction I believe) of my Chiron which is on my ASC.Leo. So yes, she did alot of damage. .
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PIcasso is interesting he was brought up by women had lots of indulgent aunts around so as a male had lots of female affirmation.

A resonant flea
Originally Posted by Confusedpisces
I don't think Black Moon Lilith wants power born out of pride. Power born out of INSECURITY is a better description. She was humilated and put down by males. Because of that she was angry and resentful.

I agree Lilith wants power. Not sure why though. Must say though I do find powerful Lilith types appealing. I have Lilith square Moon, maybe that has something to do with it.


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since we're on the subject

can any one help me out?

i have BML in my 5th Virgo
conjunct Ketu (SN) and also my Sun,

all 3 trine my Ascendant in Tarurus
Sun and BML oppose my Rahu (NN) in the 11th Pisces

I read Ketu was benefic when it came into contact with Jupiter

I have Jupiter in Gemini in the 1st house,
(some websites chart me as a Gemini Rising)

I'm not too sure, but I had my chart done by Dr.Standley and she charted me as a Taurus so, Taurus it is.. (?)

any help?
I don't like downloading stuff, I'm still trying to understand computers, some technical difficulties earlier.

So you have Lilith on COXA. Might be one place you get this psychic ability from.


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Hi all,
Am catching up on this thread after a visit 'home' that no longer 'feels' in any way like home to me anymore ( tr. Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius 4th exact degree trine Jupiter 18 Leo in 12th.;) )

I noticed a lot of 'home truths' coming out in this thread between 24-26th September, when BML was transiting 18/19 Sagittarius.....that coincided with its transit to my own chart. Apart from the 'home' thing, a 'deep inner feeling' I had had for a long time concerning a 'hidden situation', that I believed 'to be only my (negative?) way of thinking' and for which I could offer no physical proof ( natal BML in Virgo), turned out to be verified. I couldn't help saying to myself, 'I just knew I was right.'

For the benefit of my own study of BML, I was wondering if posters could add whether those 'hidden admissions of truth' ( Sagitarrius' verification) they have spoken about coincided with its transit to a natal planet in house in their charts (e.g. tr. BML exact square Jamie's Jupiter); or if a transiting planet activated the natal Black Moon Lilith? Whether the bringing up and confrontation with those previously hidden thoughts and feelings that have always acted as 'the demons that haunt(ed) us', showed a Black Moon Lilith acting in its most positive expression..... once such thoughts/feelings are brought out into the open, the demons have a way of disappearing.:)

Just curious.