Black Moon Lillith

venusfriend said:
the orb is 64', the moon is approaching lilith, in the 3rd house. this is at 19* sagittarius so is being squared by transiting saturn from the 12th. i'll let her know about your response and check back in later, thanks Kingsley.
the questioning of sexuality came about during a previous relationship where the boy had his neptune on her moon/lilith. there was a more spiritual feel but lack of sexual attaction. his sun was also on her 2nd house retrograde jupiter so i guess he did trigger the questioning of her believe systems. she out dating a boy again.;)


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Diverse Sexuality and Gender is the "new term" in which a whole array of different thoughts feelings and behaviours about sexuality come under Mod. I didnt make the term up however government psychologists did.

Seems ok to me.



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I've read this whole thread and see a lot of good thoughts.

I was wondering, the Lilith on the list at Astrodienst, is this the Black Moon Lilith?

I have Lilith 4 degrees away from Chiron. I can tell you how I feel. I feel like it is conjunct Chiron.

In elementary school I was the victim of harassment. The other students called me names. This is my "wound" Lilith is in 3rd house in Aquarius.
I feel like Lilith is about pride like someone posted.
When I got older I really wanted revenge but I went to a different high school. Somehow (Saturn conjunct Sun in First) I felt this awful treatment was my fault. My mother was jealous of how much my father loved me. I have Moon Square Mars which would account for this but my fierce Lilith anger is also directed at my mother. (Who I love too, go figure)
I have self-esteem issues, but my anger is somehow liberating. It all started when I was ten, I was so very very young.
This anger I've tried to let go, but when I see a group of girls gossiping I immediately wonder if they are talking about me. I suppose this paranoia will follow me forever, I've no idea how to let this anger go.
This angry mother angry schoolmates at a young age crippled me for life I guess.


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I like the way you write about pain Cindy. If only we could all find ways to transcend feelings that developed so early in life. There are people who can help you with these things Cindy.



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I havent visited this thread for some time. Getting in touch with ones Lilith periodicaly is a good thing. Christmas is coming and family get togethers have a tendency to raise lilith from her depths. If a strongly placed Lilith has been doormant in ones expression then there is a good chance that her creative abilities (for better or worse) will need to come back at some stage.

Perhaps visualising a christmas Lilith doorned with holly and red garments is interetsing? I cant quite imagine Lilith walking around with a credit card buying up gifts that have meaning. Maybe I can. :bandit:



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Vir 12°59'
in house 6
in Virgo
Major Aspects

sextile Sun orb:2°06'
trine Moon orb:6°22'
conjunct Jupiter orb:6°51'
square Neptune orb:5°50'
conjunct North Node orb:6°37'
opposed South Node orb:6°37'
conjunct Mean North Node orb:8°01'
trine Chiron orb:1°27'

According to, BML is my most powerful point, Jupiter being my most powerful planet.

It talks about people being in touch with there shadow side. I think it might be safe to say that I can blame Lilith on my feelings of emptiness and loneliness. I'm no stranger to the dark of depression. I have also read that people with a powerful BML will never find what they are looking for without a full Spiritual realization.

Yes, I know Lilith well. And in the long run, it just might prove to be a blessing in disguise.

Thanks for reviving this thread Kingsley!
Just having a browse in Aussie breakfast time:cool:

Indigo I would'nt use more than an orb of 2 degs for Lilith, maybe 3 for Luminaries. I myself wouldnt put down emptiness, loneliness and depression down to Black Moon Lilith. Not with those aspects anyway. Have you looked up your Dark Moon Lilith? (h58 on Comes up as Waldemath moon. Might have a tight saturn or neptune aspect or be in the 8th/12th. Or is your BML either of those houses?
That's very interesting about not finding what you are looking for until full spiritualization. This year my BML conjunction with Mars was hit by the Triple Conjunction (Chiron/Nep/Jup). I think I have been "spiritualized" and since then my life has radically changed for the better.


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Hello Mercurious, well said regarding the aspects of Lilith and depression. Depression is not the same as despair and Lilith can describe despair more so than depression. It is difficult to put a finger on the "emptiness" and despair with regard to Lilith however that is because she becomes separate from ones normal sensing and feeling system. One needs to be a "submariner" to explore these places.

Lilith does belong in the sub conscious realms, hidden away until that is, she bursts forward with reaction or action. In this way Lilith can become a conduit with some hidden areas of the sub conscious. Sometimes we do find despair and depression in there.

"Knowing more" about self and the way Lilith works in personality is a way to expand such knowledge. It seems to be a difficult learning path for most people with prominent Black Moon Liliths.

best for the new year everybody


Neptune Rising

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Kingsley, I'm very interested in your view of Lilith.

I've been studying her this year as she is conjunct my progressed Sun now. She has also conjuncted my natal Cap Sun this summer, and is now approaching conjunct to my natal Aqua Venus/Mercury.

I've found myself intangled in an innapropriate romance during the summer with a guy - Lilith was trine his natal Taurus Mars/Lilith also trine his Pluto/Uranus. It was very clandestine, and now its over I can see I was a totally different person while we were involved and I'm glad its over! It seems she awakened a part of myself that I now disown though at the time I felt compelled to follow, I got swept away with it. Could that be Lilith showing me a man (sun) with Lilithian tendencies?


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Hello Neptune Rising,

Sounds like you have had some ups and downs this last year. Progressed Sun and Lilith could be one explanation for your lilithy relationship experience. Sounds a bit like you were in love and running with that? If one has the ability to reflect on such experiences then Lilith can draw out new realisations about self. The experiences are a bit unnerving though because there is less control over the process.

The unknown part of self has more of a say - and with the help from Lilith it has the potential to be "seen" and "become known". In my view these subconscious workings and the following experiences are not always pleasant. At least in good time, reflective moments make it possible to understand more about self and our relatioinships etc.

happy new year to you Neptune


Neptune Rising

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Thanks Kinsgley and happy new year to you too!

I'm not sure about being in love, more intoxicated and excited with what was happening at the time. And yes totally no control over circumstances, I think the guy felt this too. Pluto was also involved with the energies between me and this guy (his Pluto to my Sun, he was also attached), so I wasnt sure if Pluto was giving the compulsion or Lilith, they seem quite similar, I would imagine them to be coffee buddies exchanging their stories over a brew, both of them being from the unconscious and taking no prisoners in their teaching techniques!

As I accept what happened though, I do feel a greater acceptance of myself although sometimes a bit shocking. It also gives me a greater understanding of others in similar situations whereas before I would have been a person to turn my nose up to such situations I come across.

Lilith is now conjuncting my Venus/Mercury conjunction, within 1 degree approaching. I'm also seeing someone very nice and free, though its quite new. I'm not sure how this transit will play out but it will be interesting to watch.

Neptune Rising

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I also have natal Venus/Mercury at 11 and 12 degrees of Aquarius, Natal Lilith at 27 of Aqua so right now transiting Lilith is conjuncting my Ven/Mer and Jupiter is on Lilith. Now that I'm in a new but it feels stable relationship with a guy, I've been presented with a Lilithian situation, with another guy who is chasing me. I remember a situation before when Lilith was in the same position, I was with someone but cheated on him with another. This was back in 1992. It feels like she is giving me this option again, maybe testing to see if I've learned from that past experience? I could follow this temptation again but I dont see the need to, I've learned from the past one and said I'd not repeat that even though I am slightly tempted. Jupiter is involved too, perhaps teaching me about Lilith.

I'm wondering about the Lilith return too which happens this summer. Is that a chance to evaluate all Lilithian things that have passed? My Lilith is opposite my boyfriend's Venus as well, arg I'm a little afraid what that means but it will come anyway. :unsure:


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Hello Neptune Rising, you have an exciting life by the sounds of things. Lilith does like temptation however I am not so sure that "she" wants you to learn your lessons. That is more likely for Saturn and Pluto. Lilith just does stuff - and I think it is you who have recognised her ways in this current situation and "you" have decided differently this time around.


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I got a chart interpretation from and it said my most "prominent planet" was the black moon. This makes alot of sense. I'd put my "darkness" if you can call it that (I preffer to think of it as depth) down to pluto in the 8th, but according to this interpretation it's the black moon (conjunct moon/descendant, square sun, opposite mars/ascendant, very tight sextile to venus, almost exact trine to uranus (0.02) and also trine saturn)

It seems to be a cross between pluto and uranus... pretty cool! and it describes me very well. Make of that what you will...


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I just came across this thread....
In the spring coming, after Jupiter has well entered the 9th house ruled by Pisces, Uranus and Lilith enter into Aries there.
I have Uranus natally in the first house Leo, and Neptune in the 4th.
I'm wondering what this might manifest.
I'm working on a project that might stir the status quo a bit in my chosen spiritual community, although that is not my intention. I'm also currently on the fence as to whether to proceed, especially seeing this coming up.
There are a number of aspects at that time but I'm not really sure what to look for to indicate a beneficial, harmful or mixed outcome of my efforts.
Any thoughts?


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Hi there,

What do you think about a Venus square Lilith aspect in a man's chart?
The only thing that comes to my mind is that he might meet and/or be attracted to women that have a problem expressing their sexuality.