Birthday next week, SR chart analysis help needed


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Hi Astro Brothers & Sisters,

I am launching my own software next month and this may be the first time in many years that I will have an income, a job, & I am beyond excited about that (long story, I will explain later, but I am ACTUALLY smiling after years of having not a lot of fun/joy in life). As you can see in my chart, career is everything to me and astrologically, I am cursed beyond belief in this area of life.

What I am worrying about is the following:

1- health of my husband/marriage...a good tarot reader that I go to at times also made me wonder
2- will this software gives me a job/income after years of zero luck in the employment/career department
3- My own health, have dealt w numerous stress and autoimmune related issues all exacerbating since 2020 & 2020 was pretty bad but 2021 was HELL for me ( I literally was visiting Dr after Dr as every organ seemed to have an issue) but I transformed my health and finished the year healthier than ever DESPITE getting Covid in the last week of the year which was kinda nothing for me.

I have attached TWO solar arts and also my natal+ transits. I am not sure which solar return chart is more accurate, my birth location or my current location. Both seem to work when I check for previous years but many say the birth location is the one I should rely on more. Any idea is appreciated.

Thank you all,:kissing:

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