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hi guys,
can anyone please help me understand this chart. been dating a guy for 3years now, but the relationship is too challeging, so i decided to get our birth charts, but looks like they are too negative. tho am still keeping some hope i would love to know more.

Diane Aspect Daniel Orb/Value
Sun Square Venus 2.14 -201
Moon Sextile Mars 1.49 75
Moon Conjunction Jupiter 0.06 198
Moon Square Uranus 2.56 -82
Mercury Square Venus 1.23 -176
Venus Opposition Sun 2.23 90
Venus Conjunction Neptune 0.23 118
Venus Sextile Pluto 0.37 58
Mars Trine Sun 2.56 82
Mars Square Mercury 1.55 -136
Mars Sextile Neptune 0.55 53
Mars Conjunction Pluto 1.10 94
Jupiter Conjunction Sun 4.16 131
Saturn Opposition Sun 3.37 -66
Uranus Opposition Sun 3.34 -59
Uranus Conjunction Neptune 1.34 79
Uranus Sextile Pluto 1.48 29
Neptune Opposition Sun 3.53 -49
Pluto Square Venus 0.30 -105
1007 -874 133

-thanks :)

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Hi Mocky, welcome to the forum :)

Thanks for posting that data. If you could post your natal charts rather than the data, it makes it easier for us to see how you two relate to each other. There is a link here which explains how to upload a chart.

You can post the uploaded charts into the Relational Board which may help you to get some more answers as its a board specific to relational questions.

Thanks :)



thankyou very much NR, :smile: I will try uploading it, I'm new here and still getting used to the board, as i mess up a little bit. thankyou for directing me.

firstly, you are posting in the wrong forum for relationships, plus we need to see charts, both natals and poss composite to.

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