Birth chart: Whiteflame


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if anyone would be so kind to read something out of it, i would really glad thank you ^^


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hi whiteflame1997

you do have an interesting emotional paradox in your personality.
you have venus conjunct to mars and square Lilith. and the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct Lilith and the node. these symbols together show you to be extremely loving ,romantic and idealistic in love. Lilith shows these loving emotions are at the center of your emotional sensitivity . this will attract a rarefied and intense love.

but at the same time your have a stellium of sun/moon/chiron which is square to Uranus. this is a high energy pattern which gives strong analytical skills especially in relationship to emotional interaction though with Uranus square, a strong psychic and astral connection is present. this likely shows up as astral or vivid dreams that likely are prophetic at times.

the chiron influences gives you inquisitiveness... sometime to a you can be too quick to tell other's what you see.this aspect looks for coherence and when someone does not act as they talk, you can be very offended as you don't like hypocrisy. these elements can give you a quick temper at times if you are being offened or lied to.
this is a very changeable dynamic and you tend like to be on the "outlaw" fringes of thoughts and action.

so your "pure feeling " toward love are often crossed by your abruot and righteous mental perspectives. they are somewhat of diifeerent natures.
this confrontation is shown as the moon/Uranus, sun/Uranus and chiron Uranus midpoints are conjunct your Venus and mars conjunction..

this shows a almost unmanageable emotional intensity. it shows you have deep loving passion but tend toward relationships that are destined to breakup.

in addition you have mercury square to the orcus/eros conjunction.
this shows a profound mind inspite of your emotional violability .
but this can give you "dark" or very selfish thoughts about relationships also.

your vertex is opposed to psyche and square to Neptune. again a very ethereal,spiritual feeling.this aspect can give visions or strange dreams, but it is usually confusing and jumbled. But it gives you a deeply spiritual tinge to your personality. positively it give visions of truth but negatively it can shows you emotional deceive or are self deluded and emotional confused at times.

with Saturn on your descendant, you have a serious almost morise façade to your personality that can hide your extreme emotional/psychic sensitivity from most people.



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Oh Rahu this was just beautiful <3
i don't understand how you can read charts like that but it's wonderful :)
Thank you, thank you so much! <3

i do have strange dreams, like today but i don't remember much of it. the dream of this Asian person, wanted to get touch on the leg, it satt on this seat, while the sense of horses and firework, buss, lights, love. was around that person started to get really hateful, and this person i was in was still in this deep for this person it just seemed really messy X)

like i wish i was warm loving person, but i don't know i feel i might real cold at times.

This was really at points, like extreme emotions/ sensitivity trying to hide from others.
i do not often get angry, but i do get fast annoyed, being lied or fakeness or when someone say that am lying when am telling the truth thats a easy way to get me annoyed.

am glad to know it was a stellium in 2 house and 4 house cause i have seen people with much more in house then you just kinda unsure if it was.

i want to read you back, but am not so good at this. Am so glad and happy for it :D You did all of this to a stranger like me, don't even have words but thank you~<3